Learn How to Keep Mosquitoes Away with These 10 Secrets

Beautiful days and warm nights mean its barbecue season! Don't let pests ruin your summer—here's how to keep mosquitoes away.

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how to keep mosquitoes away Thermacell Effective Deet Free Repellent Scent Free
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Shield Your Patio

Keep mosquitos away! Create a 15-foot zone of bug protection with the Thermacell Patio Shield. With over 16,000 five star reviews on Amazon, this is the real-deal. This heat-activated device doesn’t require any cords or batteries. Unscented repellent mats last up to four hours each and change color when it’s time to refill. No mess, no DEET, no spray and no on-skin chemicals make this a great solution to combat pesky mosquitoes.

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how to keep mosquitoes away Clovers Garden Citronella Mosquito Repellent
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Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Citronella mosquito plants (Citrosa Geranium) are a natural mosquito repellent for your yard. With lush, green foliage, and the occasional pink-purple flower, the Citronella Geranium plant has a natural scent that mosquitoes hate! Flowers like marigolds and calendula, along with herbs like rosemary, mint and lemongrass, can also keep biting insects away from the yard. Plant them near your patio or deck for the best benefit. Learn how to grow herbs in your garden.

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how to keep mosquitoes away Lohas Outdoor Equivalent Lighting Decorative
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Change Your Lighting

Certain lights attract bugs, so opt for yellow lights instead of traditional white bulbs. These Bug Lights are specially designed to repel bugs. The golden glow also makes for a more pleasant outdoor experience. Turn off your outdoor lights before going to bed, as well.

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Great Deal Furniture how to keep mosquitoes away
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Set up Netted Walls

For a touch of backyard glamour and a foolproof way to keep mosquitoes and flies at bay, set up a gazebo with netted walls. If you don’t have the extra room, you can buy draped mosquito nets to hang from your outdoor umbrella.

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how to keep mosquitoes away Caldrea Countertop Cleanser 16 Ounce Bottles
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Prep the Patio

Insects like flies can thrive off even small amounts of leftover food. Be sure to wipe up any spilled liquid or crumbs after eating outside to help prevent against pests. We love the cleaning power and scents of Caldrea multi-surface sprays. As a bonus, it means your outdoor dining area will be in perfect shape for when your guests come over.

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how to keep mosquitoes away Mosquito Guard Repellent Candles Ingredients
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Light Citronella Candles

Repel insects while creating the perfect summer evening ambience with citronella candles. For longer nights, you need wax that contains cedar oil and citronella. These tea light versions are DEET-free and compact—perfect for camping or vacation homes. Pro tip: It’s best to use citronella after everybody’s done eating.

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how to keep mosquitoes away Cedarwood Large Ounce Best Essential
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Spray with Cedar Oil

A mixture of cedar wood oil diluted with water can be sprayed on your lawn and shrubs to repel insects like fleas and mosquitoes. (We like these amber glass spray bottles.) Not only does it keep pests away, but it can nix their eggs, too. Use it at night and by the morning, the yard will be ready for the whole family to enjoy, from pets to parents. Use the rest of that cedar oil to make DIY cleaning spray.

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Tray and pans in outdoors stores stagnant water and breeding ground for mosquito

Reduce Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes lay eggs in any stagnant, non-chlorinated water, whether it’s in an inflatable pool or a flower pot. Drain any stagnant water you find to reduce the risk of guests getting bitten while grilling burgers. And don’t worry about whether or not your neighbor is doing the same. Mosquitoes don’t fly very far, so cleaning up your property should do the trick.

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Thermacell how to keep mosquitoes away
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Shield Yourself

If you’re planning to do yard work, shield yourself from mosquitoes with the Thermacell MR450 Portable Mosquito Repeller. Clip this lightweight device to your pants for a 15-foot zone of protection that goes anywhere you do. Similar to the Thermacell Patio Shield, this portable protection device is unscented, heat-activated and doesn’t require any cords or batteries. Gardening just got a whole lot easier! And less itchy.

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how to keep mosquitoes away Amazon Brand Hydrogen Peroxide
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Spray Hydrogen Peroxide

For DIY mosquito repellent, mix up a batch of 1/3 hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 water—and spray it over your patio and its perimeter, especially in places where guests will be sitting and eating. Opt for a 3% hydrogen peroxide to keep plants safe. Check out these other uses for hydrogen peroxide, too.

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