This Video Explains How to Clean Inside Your Oven Door Glass

Yes, cleaning between the glass panels of an oven door seems impossible, but it can be done. Really!

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From frozen pizzas to roast chicken recipes to those fudgy, crowd-pleasing brownies you’ve been making for years, your oven is the secret weapon behind many meals. With that in mind, kitchen devices that are used so often also need some TLC every now and then.

There’s lots of regular upkeep you can do to keep the inside of your oven clean, but what happens when you find grease and grime trapped between the oven door’s glass panels?

You can reach inside the oven door, between the glass, if you follow the steps in the TikTok video below.

How to Clean Inside Your Oven Door Glass

This viral TikTok from @vanesamaro91 is a lifesaver for home cookes. We’ve already learned a lot from the app, like how to freshen up garbage disposals and how to clean dishwasher filters, but this step-by-step video shows exactly how to clean that tricky spot in your oven’s glass door.

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Step 1: Grab a feather duster (or something similar)

This TikTok user recommends purchasing a long microfiber duster (like this one we found for $20 on Amazon). However, she also mentions that improvising with a makeshift duster made from a microfiber towel and a hanger will work just fine!

Step 2: Remove your oven drawer

There should be a storage drawer under your oven that you can easily remove. Once it’s out of the way, there should be a few slots underneath that open directly into the area inside your oven door’s glass window.

Step 3: Grab your go-to cleaning solution

The choice is yours, just spray it on your duster. If you’re unsure whether to reach for the staple glass cleaner or not, we compiled a list of things cleaning experts avoid when using Windex.

Step 4: Clean the glass

Insert the prepped duster into the openings under your oven door. From there, all you have to do is wiggle the duster back and forth until you see sparkling glass!

This TikTok hack will work in a pinch, but for a serious deep clean, Family Handyman explains how to disassemble the oven door.

More Oven Cleaning Hacks

If you’ve finished cleaning the glass in your oven door and are looking for tricks to keep your kitchen tidy, look no further. Whether you want to know how to clean your oven without harsh chemicals, how to steam clean your oven or are simply looking for motivation to get to work (like these unbelievable before and after oven cleaning photos), we’ve got you covered.

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