Everything You Need to Know About Costco’s Delivery Service

Don't have time to make that Costco run? No sweat!

If you find yourself way too busy during the holiday season and don’t even have time to squeeze in a run to Costco, then the warehouse’s latest delivery offering is about to be your new best friend. Thanks to a recent partnership with Instacart and Shipt, the popular grocer now offers same-day Costco delivery for shoppers.

This service is especially beneficial for those scrambling last minute to get everything they need for their holiday festivities. So whether you need to shop for Thanksgiving dinner at Costco or need some healthy Costco frozen foods when you need a meal in a pinch, here’s how to take advantage of Costco’s same-day delivery service right from your home.

How Does Costco Delivery Work?

In order to access same-day Costco delivery, you need to place an order of at least $35 or more. If you order at least $75 worth of groceries or more, Costco completely waives the fee and delivers your goods for free. Keep in mind, because Costco is partnering with other companies such as Instacart and Shipt, the prices may be slightly higher compared to what is offered at your local warehouse—these Costco shopping tips might help keep the price down.

All perishable groceries that Costco sells, such as meats, produce, milk, and seafood will be available through Instacart delivery. Nonperishables such as canned goods, hygiene products, health care items, pet food, electronics, books, beverages and snacks are also available. Instacart will even deliver alcohol and baked goods.

Because Costco is relying on other companies to offer this service, the warehouse does add a disclaimer stating that shoppers must be present at the provided location in order to accept the delivery. So if you make the order, be sure you’re at your delivery location in order to accept your Costco shipment from the courier.

Do I Need to Be a Costco Member to Use Same-Day Delivery?

Yes, you do. Unfortunately, same-day Costco delivery is not available to shoppers without a Costco membership. Nevertheless, Costco makes it easy to sign up for a membership on its website and offers a Gold Star membership at just $60 a year.

Currently, same-day Costco delivery is available for members in qualifying ZIP codes. To find out if you are eligible for this perk, simply type your ZIP code into Costco’s website. If you aren’t eligible, you may still be able to take advantage of Costco’s two-day delivery service.

What Can I Get Delivered Same-Day from Costco?

shopper walks aisles of Costco warehouse retailerSteve Proehl/Getty Images

Costco will deliver all grocery items—including fresh produce and meat—covering an estimated 2,000 items with same-day delivery. Costco will also deliver alcohol and prescription orders from its pharmacy, but an ID will need to be presented when delivered. If you’re not sure if a particular item is eligible for same-day delivery, you can look it up on Costco’s website.

If you’re more COVID cautious, Costco does offer contactless delivery for all orders excluding alcohol or prescriptions.

While Costco does offer a generous return policy to customers, the warehouse does make it clear that some items being delivered can only be returned within the first 90 days. These items will likely be specified when purchasing online.

How Much Does Same-Day Costco Delivery Cost?

Same-day delivery fees through Instacart start at $3.99. Other service fees may be added based on the types of items ordered, such as alcohol, which does come with additional service fees per item. Again, if you reach that $75 threshold, you won’t have to worry about paying that additional delivery fee.

If you’re looking to save on the costs of same-day Costco delivery, Instacart allows additional savings through their Instacart+ membership program, previously known as Instacart Express. With this membership, Instacart shoppers can receive free delivery on orders $35 or more, along with other additional savings opportunities. If you plan on taking advantage of Costco same-day delivery—as well as other grocery delivery opportunities—the Instacart+ membership might be worth it,  at $9.99 a month or $99 for the year.