Here’s How to Shop for Your Whole Thanksgiving at Costco

Updated: Jun. 14, 2024

This year, you don't have to go to store after store for all your Turkey Day goods. Grab this Thanksgiving shopping list and head to Costco!

Whether you host a small dinner or prep a sprawling spread of classic Thanksgiving recipes to feed a crowd, the savings are generous at your neighborhood Costco. In fact, starting mid-November, the aisles will be a cornucopia of seasonal buys.

From the turkey and table decor to nutmeg and whipped cream, Costco makes home cooks everywhere thankful for one-stop shopping.

These Costco shopping tips will save you tons of money.

Your Thanksgiving Shopping List for Costco


Dress up your dining room with a bouquet or two of fresh flowers from Costco’s floral department. At $9.99 for a mixed seasonal bouquet, including long-lasting flowers like alstroemeria and carnations, you can add a beautiful element to your holiday spread.

Pick up small candle holders filled with tea lights also create a warm ambiance without obstructing anyone’s view (or access to food). If you have the space to add some height, Costco’s five-piece LED pillar candles are an affordable, elegant option.

Get inspired by these gorgeous Thanksgiving decor ideas.


Costco has a whole host of ready-to-eat snacks and hors d’oeuvres. Here are my top picks:

  • Soups: Harry’s Creamy Tomato Basil boxed and ready for warming in your slow cooker or Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock to get you a jump start on these broth soup recipes.
  • Cold apps: Gourmet olives, cheeses (don’t miss the three-pack of Boursin!), meats and crackers.
  • Vegetable trays: Four pounds of fresh produce plus a dip. It’s simple, healthy and gloriously low-stress.

The warehouse grocer also holds its own in the frozen appetizer department. I complement a handful of homemade apps with:

  • Mini quiches
  • Italian meatballs
  • Baked brie

Just pop the Costco goodness in your oven and then serve warm!

Turkey, Beef and Ham

From four-pound turkey breasts to full-size birds, Costco has a wide selection of main entrée options to choose from. If your family isn’t into turkey, or if you’re just craving variety, consider serving a well-marbled beef tenderloin or a honey-glazed ham. Both options are available at Costco, along with whole filet wild sockeye salmon.

Traditionalists, you’ll want to bookmark this step-by-step guide on how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.

Cranberries and Cranberry Sauce

There are two kinds of people—those who serve canned cranberry sauce and those who must make it themselves. Costco is prepared for you both, with the grab and go convenience of pre-made cranberry sauce, and a generously stocked produce department, filled with fresh whole cranberries, oranges and lemons, the perfect ingredients for a tart homemade cranberry sauce.

Side Dishes

From the comfort food starches we all crave (cue the mac and cheese and creamy mashed potatoes) to favorite fall greens like Brussels sprouts, Costco has an ample selection of grab-and-go side dishes, as well as washed-and-ready veggies.

You could boil, mash and season those potatoes by yourself (because you have nothing else to do that day, right?), or you could pick up a pan or two from Costco. They offer both Yukon Gold and sweet potato varieties, either of which can be dressed up with favorite toppings to turn into semi-homemade sides.

You can also buy the green beans along with an extra-large bag of what makes the much-loved green bean casserole so good—French’s fried onions!


What is Thanksgiving without a bevy of beautiful desserts? Costco has the classic desserts you’d expect, plus one extra:

If you’re into seasonal sweets that are a refreshing take on traditional options, Costco has you covered. Their roulade-inspired pumpkin rolls are easy to serve, and make for an impressive presentation, too. Top with a generous serving of this fresh, homemade whipped cream (it’s way easier than you think, and yes, you can buy the handful of ingredients you need at Costco).

Paper Products

If you have more guests than fine china—or would rather watch football after dinner instead of dealing with dirty dishes—opt for heavy-duty paper products. Costco has ample options for well-constructed and budget-friendly plates. So worth it for a free pass on kitchen clean-up!

Check out our guide to navigating Costco’s holiday hours this year.

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