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Creating a Home Gym

I decided to discontinue my gym membership and turn my spare bedroom into a fitness room.

Daily Dancing Workout

I found a great way to get in shape that involves my children, can be fit around my 12-hour work shifts, and relieves stress, as well!

Easy Ways to Get Fit

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to become physically active. All you need is 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week.

Exercise in Your Own Home Gym

Create a personal gym under your own roof. It's not only convenient, but makes exercising easy, effective and enjoyable.

Exercise Routine For a Busy Parent

I'm lucky enough to have three personal trainers. And they don't charge a thing—other than a few hugs and kisses!

Tennis shoes on beach

Fitting in Fitness

Try this "bottoms-up" approach to fitness.

Fun with Fitness

"There are four simple things you can do to increase your chances for a long healthy life," a wise friend once told me. "Eat right, don't smoke, wear a seat belt and exercise."

Furry Friends Make Life a Little Livelier

Is there a four-legged fun-loving animal residing at your house? If so, your home is one of the millions that plays host to a family pet.

Garden Workouts

Garden Workouts

Get the dirt on optimizing your weeding workouts

Golfing for Fitness

Golfing for Fitness

Start your golf workout with two easy golf warm-up exercises

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