Cranberries and Boughs Centerpiece

When creating a centerpiece for your holiday buffet table, look no further than the foods and foliage readily available during the season.

For our stunning arrangement shown at right, we…

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Easy Patriotic Centerpiece

A table topper for July Fourth or Memorial Day doesn't have to take a lot of thought or effort. A patriotic bowl brimming with red raspberries and blueberries is a simple centerpiece you can…

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Embossed Place Card

Add even more elegance to your table top by making embossed place cards.

Stop at your local craft store for plain place cards, a rubber stamp in the design of your choice, embossing ink, an…

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Enjoy Your Party

So that you can spend more time with guests, look for appetizers that can be made ahead and require little last-minute fuss. Also supplement homemade nibbles with purchased party fare.

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Festive Ways to Serve Butter

INSTEAD of having a stick of butter in a dish, impress guests with fun and festive shapes.

To create butter cutouts, cut a chilled stick of butter into 1/4-inch slices. Cut out shapes with…

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Flower Napkin Basket Liner

Place the napkin on a flat surface an bring all four corners together to meet in the center. (This will create a square.)

Carefully turn the napkin over, preserving the folds you just made.…

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GI Cap Napkin Fold

As a hat's off to all soldiers, turn napkins into GI caps! Start with well-starched tan, khaki, army green or gray fabrics.

Fold the napkin in half. With the fold at the top, bring in the…

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Grade-A Graduation Party

Get the Grad's Input. Ask the graduate if he or she would like a big bash with lots of relatives and friends or a more intimate gathering with immediate family.

Pick a Date. With last-minute…

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Great Tips for Tailgating

You're guaranteed a successful tailgate party with these winning helpful hints:

Keep the menu simple. Guests aren't expecting a seven-course meal at this kind of casual get-together. Three…

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Guest-Worthy Baked Goods

To dress up ordinary bar cookies or pastries to serve to guests, I place individual servings in muffin cup liners for a quick, attractive presentation on a pretty serving plate. —Renee Z., Tacoma,…

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