Beef & Ground Beef

Homemade Frozen Beef Patties

When I buy ground beef for burgers, I place the amount I’ll need for a meal in heavy-duty resealable bags. Then I flatten the bags and press out all the air. The packages stack well in the freezer…

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Lightening Up Beef

Whether you want to serve your family more meatless meals or simply reduce some of the meat in family favorites, consider the following ideas for savvy standbys:

Cut Back with…

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Mixing Meat Loaf

When making meat loaf, first combine all ingredients except the ground beef. The seasonings will be more evenly distributed without much effort. —Dorothy T., Wichita, Kansas

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Moist and Tender Round Steak

Round steak is a less-tender cut of beef and is best cooked with liquid in a covered pan over low heat. Round steak can also be tenderized by pounding with a meat mallet before cooking.

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A deli meat that is made most often from beef brisket. The raw meat is brined and seasoned with herbs and spices. It is then smoked for flavor and steamed until tender. Today, turkey pastrami is…

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Slicing Raw Beef Cuts

To easily slice raw beef, first place the meat in the freezer for about 30 minutes or until it is firm but not solidly frozen. Slice to desired thinness.

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