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Fat-Free Products

I try to buy products that contain little or no fat. But I've noticed that many reduced-fat or fat-free foods, such as salad dressing, chips and pepperoni, seem to have a lot more sodium. Are the…

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Featherweight Baking Powder

I've had good luck with Featherweight Baking Powder manufactured by a company called Hain. It contains no sodium and can be substituted one for one with regular baking powder. Are you familiar…

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Fiber Facts

What is fiber? How much do I need and how do I get it? —J.P., San Francisco, California

Fiber refers to the complex carbohydrates that cannot be absorbed by the body, but which provide…

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Fiber in Bread

I recently got a bread machine, and I'm looking for ways to add more fiber to my bread recipes. I'm wondering what ingredients have a lot of fiber…and how much of them I should add to get…

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Fish Facts

Everyone advises us to eat more fish for a healthier diet, but I don't know that much about the different kinds available. Which kind doesn't taste so "fishy" and which ones have few if any bones?…

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Freezing Cilantro

When I buy cilantro, it comes in a much bigger bunch than I can use at one time. Is it okay to freeze or dry what I don't use? —J.Y., Glendale, Arizona

I'm with you! It's a shame to…

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Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

I’m confused! What’s the difference between good and bad fat? How can fat be good for you at all? —L.D., Sioux Falls, South Dakota

You’re not the only one who’s confused! The “skinny”…

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Ground Meat

What is the difference in fat content between 1 pound of ground turkey, ground beef and ground chicken? Is one better for you than the other? —S.C., Vanderhoof, British Columbia


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Ground Venison

I use ground venison in just about any dish that calls for ground beef. I know venison is leaner than ground beef, but how does it compare? —P.D., Burlington, North Carolina


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Healthy Beverage

I am looking for something to drink that is healthy, yet low in calories or calorie-free. I realize plain drinking water is best, but I get tired of it. Do you have any suggestions? —C.K.,…

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