12 Things You Should Always Buy at Aldi

Stock up on everything from wine to paper plates.

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Aldi is known for selling affordable and delicious wine. In fact, there is an entire Aldi wine list dedicated to the bottles that have won various awards. Various Aldi-specific wines have won awards from Wine Spectator, The American Masters of Taste Awards and the International Wine and Spirit Competition, among others, per the Aldi official website. Refinery29.com reports there are more than 37 different wines at Aldi that cost less than $10, however, prices may vary per store. Here’s why Aldi’s store brands are so dang great.

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Since wine is a popular Aldi shopping staple, it makes sense that chocolate is too. The German-owned company reportedly deals with lots of European suppliers, meaning they also have lots of imported treats—including chocolate. According to Food & Wine, you can find high-quality great-tasting chocolate at Aldi for as little as $2 per 4.4 ounces.

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Aldi sells tons of different types of bread including brioche, whole wheat, rolls, Italian bread, bagels, even English muffins, and more. Not only do their breads have solid reviews, but they sell for an affordable price, per thekitchn.com. Their fresh white bread retails for about $0.89 making it a steal in comparison to the average retail price of white bread in the United States at $1.32, according to statista.com.

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According to Business Insider, four sticks of butter at Aldi is $1.28 cheaper than the same amount sold at Walmart. Other reports also show that Aldi has reasonable prices for butter too. Here’s why Aldi’s groceries are so cheap.

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Similarly to their chocolate selection, Aldi has excellent cheeses from grass-fed cheddar to gouda and everything in between. These fancier flavors range in price anywhere from $2 to $5, according to some reports. Their cheese gets amazing reviews and even wins international awards.

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Yes, Aldi has even more dairy at reasonable prices. For a 32-ounce container, one blogger found Aldi’s yogurt for $0.50 cheaper than that sold at Walmart. Aldi also offers everything from kefir to kid-friendly squeezable yogurts, so you have a large selection to browse. Here are a few things Aldi employees wish you wouldn’t know.

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Paper plates

Although paper plates aren’t necessarily the most economical purchase since they are made for one use, sometimes you just can’t fathom washing any more dishes. The price point is what makes Aldi paper plates so attractive for those lazy situations. Some price comparisons even find that Aldi’s prices rival Walmart’s. Plus, Aldi paper plates are often also found in the red hot deals section. (More on that later.) Here’s how Aldi and your other favorite stores got their names.

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Canned foods
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Canned foods

Whatever you can find in a can—including broth, beans, tomatoes, applesauce, and various veggies—are good items to buy at Aldi. Plus, they have a similar selection to other grocery stores. One blogger found canned foods at Aldi for as little as $0.65 each.

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Baking essentials

Add other baking essentials to your cart filled with butter and chocolate. According to Kiplinger, baking must-haves like flour, sugar, and oil are a steal at Aldi in comparison to other name brands. For example, the Aldi Baker’s Corner store brand sells a 32.8-ounce bag of brown sugar for $1.29 in comparison to Domino’s light brown sugar which retails for $2.69 per 32-ounce bag, per Kiplinger. These are the grocery shopping mistakes that are wasting your money.

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Organic goods

If you like buying organic-anything or organic-everything, Aldi is a great alternative to pricer health-food stores or websites. According to gobankingrates.com, Aldi has lower prices on everything from organic produce and beef to organic grains and coffee. You can reportedly find organics at Aldi for up to 50 percent less than Whole Foods, per gobankingrates.com.

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Anything from the Red Hot Specials

The red hot specials section at Aldi is exactly what you think—even better deals on your favorite goods. The retailer updates the specials on their website weekly so you can see what deals are available at your closest Aldi location.

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The produce at Aldi has mixed reviews concerning quality. Their prices, however, are undeniably competitive with some items such as apples, strawberries, blueberries and avocado, among others, retailing for less than Costco, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in a price comparison test, per thekitchn.com. That said, be sure to double check the freshness of anything you buy.  Next, check out these supermarket shopping secrets from America’s top grocery stores.

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