The Best Cookie Decorating Tools You Can Buy

Updated: Apr. 01, 2024

Even the most talented bakers need more than a butter knife. Check out some of the best cookie decorating tools on the market and learn how to up your decorating game!

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Scriber via


You may not know the official name of this decorating tool, but if you’ve ever watched a cookie decorating video on social media, you’ve seen a scriber. This small, sharp scriber tool ($5) is used to even out flooded icing and draw small designs. Scribers are very affordable and can have a significant impact on your cookie decorating process.

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Piping Pen via

Piping Pen

If your piping skills are a little more advanced, opt for a more specialized icing tool, like a piping pen ($10). This tool gives you more control over your decorating area, with a grip that allows you to firmly and precisely create intricate details.

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Cookie Decorating Book via

Cookie Decorating Book

The best tool at your disposal is knowledge. Well, knowledge and a detailed how-to guide. Pick up a cookie decorating encyclopedia ($13), complete with photos, descriptions and tips that will help you decorate with ease (and finesse). Find even more inspiration by browsing our best cookie recipes of all time.

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Cookie Stencils via

Cookie Stencils

Ever wonder how some cookie artists managed to make such intricate designs and perfect angles? Here’s the secret: Cookie stencils ($15). You can pick up sets with numbers, letters and even drawings. Then, when someone asks, “how did you get such straight lines?” you get to be the person who giggles and says, “Steady hand, I guess.”

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Brush Set via

Brush Set

Did you know you can use paintbrushes on cookies? You can and you should. Well—not actual paintbrushes, but specialized brushes made for icing, like this 5-piece brush set ($8). The brushes are ideal for creating gradient and subtle patterns.

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Cutting Tool via

Cutting Tool

Excited to ditch the cookie cutters altogether in favor of your own artistic talent? More power to you—but make sure you pick up a sharp and effective tool, like a cookie cutting tool ($9) that allows you the dexterity and precision you need to shape your own treats.

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Squeeze Bottles via

Squeeze Bottles

If you’re making your own royal icing, you’ll want to apply it in a controlled manner—this icing is tricky, so you want to be precise. We like using these squeeze writer bottles ($7), which allow you to be precise when applying an edge, but firm when filling it in.

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Airbrush Kit via

Airbrush Kit

If you’re ready to take your cookie decorating to the next level—and we’re talking “Getting ready to audition for the Great British Bake Off” level—start looking at tools that will give you a bakery-style finish, like an airbrush kit ($90). This tool is serious business, but it can provide some very cool coloring and texture to your next bake. And if you love a challenge, we recommend trying these recipes that belong on your baking bucket list.