13 Pickle Gifts for People Who Are Kind of a Big Dill

Updated: Nov. 30, 2023

Looking for a present for that pickle lover in your life? We've rounded up a peck of perfect pickle gifts, ranging from serious to whimsical.

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Subsription Pickles Via Mouth.com Ecomm
via mouth.com

Pickle-of-the-Month Subscription

As far as pickle gifts go, this pickle subscription keeps on giving. Every month, a delicious batch of pickles arrives. The type of pickles is a surprise, but you can expect classics like bread and butter pickles, as well as offbeat choices, like pickled tomatoes.

Also, check what is a pickle all about!

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Pickle Mug Via Missjohnnysquirreletsy
via missjohnnysquirrel/etsy.com

Pickle Mug

Whether they’re crazy for cornichons or they go bonkers for bread and butter slices, this pickle mug represents all of the coolest ‘cukes. Bonus: They’ll think of you every time they pour a cup of coffee or tea.

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Dill Pickle Lip Balm Via Bluepoppybath Etsy
via bluepoppybath/etsy.com

Dill Pickle Lip Balm

For the most die-hard pickle fanatic, this soothing lip balm skips the traditional vanilla flavor in favor of something more delicious: dill pickles. Even if the gift is given in the spirit of a gag, the recipient may be surprised to enjoy the novelty flavor. That’s how we felt about pickle-flavored ice cream.

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Pickle Wine Stoppers Ecomm
via amazon.com

Pickle Wine Stopper

Both whimsical and practical, this pickle-shaped wine stopper is a real conversation starter. Ideal for a frequent host or anyone who loves wine as much as pickles. Pair that cabernet with one of our recipes for pickle lovers.
And for the ones who appreciate the perfect combination of booze and pickle, the moonshine pickle can be your go-to!

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Pickle Art Via Sprocketandlloyd Etsy
via sprocketandlloyd/etsy.com

Pickle Art

For the friend who loves a good pun, you can’t go wrong with this “pickles playing pickleball” print. Choose from four sizes and three different styles. Or, check out the artist’s full array of pickle-inspired items.

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Fermentation Crock Via Amazon
via amazon.com

Fermentation Crock

The only thing better than a pickle is… a homemade pickle! This fermentation crock help home cooks make pickles and other fermented treats.

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Pickles Sweatshirt Via Milkshakecreativeco Etsy
via milkshakecreativeco/etsy.com

Pickles Sweatshirt

Trust us when we say this college-style “Pickles” sweatshirt will get a lot of wear. It’s ideal for lounging, running errands or wearing while whipping up a big batch of Easy Homemade Pickles.

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Pickle Candle Via Oswaldandari Etsy
via oswaldandari/etsy.com

Pickle Candle

Skip the cedar and gardenia scents. Pickle lovers will only want to light this “You’re Kind of a Big Dill” candle.

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Choose Your Own Pickles Via Goldbelly.com Ecomm
via goldbelly.com

Choose Your Own Pickles

Pickle lovers will rejoice when an entire gallon of the good stuff shows up at their door. Choose from seven pickle flavors, including sour and horseradish flavors.

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Pickle Socks Via Amazon
via amazon.com

Pickle Socks

Kicking back on a lazy day can only be made better with one thing: snacks! These hilarious “If You Can Read This, Bring Me a Pickle” socks are for anyone who’s ready to relax.

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Homemade Pickling Spice
Taste of Home

Homemade Pickling Spice

You can find pickling spice in stores, but homemade pickle spice is fresher and more flavorful. Plus, you can customize the recipe, using extra spice or herbs depending on your pickle preferences.

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Pickle Ornament Via Amazon.com Ecomm 2
via amazon.com

Pickle Ornament

In many households, it’s traditional to hang a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree. The first person to spot the ornament on Christmas morning gets an extra gift. (Here’s the truth about the origin of the pickle ornament.)

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Grillos Pickle Bouquet Via Grillospickles:instagram.com Ecomm
via @grillospickles/Instagram.com

Pickle Bouquet

Who needs flowers? Instead, DIY the pickle lover in your life a dill-ightful bouquet.

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