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The Best Organic Baby Food Brands You Can Buy on Amazon

Is organic baby food better? Maybe! It doesn't have the chemicals that may exist in more conventional baby foods. You can find all kinds of organic baby food products, including formula, pouches and snacks, on Amazon. Here are one mom's favorites.

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Once Upon a Farm Organic Foodvia

Once Upon a Farm Organic Food

Did you know Jennifer Garner has her own line of organic baby food? You can get a 16-pack of her stage 1 food ($48) with a mixture of fruits and vegetables. It comes in squeeze packets, which are super handy for travel and eating on the go.

Purchase here.

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Happy Baby Organic Baby Cerealvia

Happy Baby Organic Baby Cereal

When your little one first starts eating baby food, they’ll likely start with cereal. Happy Baby’s Organic Cereal ($23 for 6) has probiotics and is supposed to support brain and eye health.

Purchase here.

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Gerber Organic Rice Cerealvia

Gerber Organic Rice Cereal

We started my daughter on rice cereal when she began to try solids. Gerber is a tried-and-true baby food brand that also has an organic line, including cereals, puffs and food. The rice cereal is $29 for six.

Purchase here.

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Plum Organics Baby Foodvia

Plum Organics Baby Food

Plum Organics fruits ($34 for 18) were another favorite of my daughter’s. (I loved the pouches too, as we were often on the go!) They come in many flavors, but the mango and prune are great ways to help introduce your baby to nontraditional fruits.

Purchase here.

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Earth's Best Organic Infant Formulavia

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

You may be choosing to start your organic baby food journey from the beginning. Earth’s Best Organic baby formula ($37) is easy to digest. It’s a great option for babies who aren’t nursing or to supplement breastfeeding.

Purchase here.

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Sprout Organic Stage 3 Foodsvia

Sprout Organic Stage 3 Foods

Sprout is an awesome organic baby food brand. Each stage 3 pouch ($28 for 12) will introduce your baby to a mix of fruits, vegetables and meats like chicken and turkey.

Purchase here.

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Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffsvia

Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs

Puffs are a staple snack for every baby. The Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs ($19 for 6) are packed with fun fruits and vegetables like purple carrot, kale and blueberry. (Full disclosure: These are delicious! It’s the perfect snack for babies to share with their busy parents.)

Purchase here.

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Honest Company Sensitive Baby Formulavia

Honest Company Sensitive Baby Formula

High in iron and with less lactose for easy digestion, your favorite diaper dealer also makes formula ($58). It promises to be gentle on your baby’s tummy.

Purchase here.

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Happy Baby Yogisvia

Happy Baby Yogis

What is the best organic baby food? It might be the Happy Baby Yogis. At just $10 for a variety pack, they’re an affordable snack that travels well. The freeze-dried yogurt drops will literally melt in your baby’s mouth. These were a favorite in my house well into my daughter’s first year!

Purchase here.

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Happy Baby Organic Teethersvia

Happy Baby Organic Teethers

Happy Baby definitely dominates the organic snack game. These teethers ($11 for 2) were a favorite of ours, too. Not only are they safe and delicious, they help to ease the pain for teething babies. (Beware, in the height of teething, these do produce a fair amount of drool!)

Purchase here.

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Peter Rabbit Organic Squeeze Pouchesvia

Peter Rabbit Organic Squeeze Pouches

Peter Rabbit organic pouches ($16 for 10) are a tasty fruit mix that your baby will love well into toddlerhood. Not only are they available on Amazon, but you’ll often find them at most museums, zoos, etc. when you’re in a snack bind.

Purchase here.

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Earth's Best Organic Letter Cookiesvia

Earth’s Best Organic Letter Cookies

The Earth’s Best Organic Letter Cookies ($3 on Amazon Pantry) are a delicious treat for littles with teeth, plus they also help kids work on learning the alphabet.

Purchase here.

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Earth's Best Baby Foodvia

Earth’s Best Baby Food

Earth’s Best is a great organic baby food option at a bargain price. Start your baby with the sweet potato, peas and carrots ($11 for 12 jars).

Purchase here.

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Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Foodvia

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Ella’s Kitchen is another organic baby food favorite, which mixes up fun fruits in BPA-free pouches. At roughly $9 for six pouches, this Amazon Pantry find is affordable and can be to your house in a day or two.

Purchase here.

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Plum Organics Super Smoothiesvia

Plum Organics Super Smoothies

As your kiddos stop drinking formula or breast milk, they’ll need foods that keep them full. Plum Organics Super Smoothies ($6 for 4 on Amazon Pantry) get the job done and are packed with vitamins and omega-3s.

Purchase here.

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