Jennifer Garner’s Organic Baby Food Line Is Something We Can Get Behind

Jennifer Garner's range of organic baby food is healthy and delicious. Meet Once Upon a Farm.

As an award-winning actor and busy mom of three, you might think Jennifer Garner had enough on her plate. But no—in 2015 she co-founded Once Upon a Farm, devoted to providing high-quality organic food for families. And recently she went a step further by introducing a range of “farm-to-table” baby food. Psst! Here are a few of our other favorite brands of organic baby food.

What Inspired Jennifer Garner to Make Organic Baby Food?

Jennifer explained her inspiration to Living Maxwell: “As a mom with three kids, I have three lunch boxes to pack each day and understand the problems that must be solved with serving fresh food to young children.” So she set out to balance the equation of wanting to give your kids great food when you’re rushed off your feet.

The company mission sums it up in a nutshell: “To nurture our children, each other, and the earth in order to pass along a healthier and happier world for the next generation.” And if you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

The result was Once Upon a Farm’s new range of baby food, produced with the same ethos as the rest of their products.

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The Once Upon a Farm Mission

If we want to encourage our kids to enjoy healthy, nutritious food, why would we serve up anything but the best right from the get-go? So Once Upon a Farm focuses on using locally sourced, organic ingredients. And you don’t need to worry about “extras” either. You won’t find sugar, preservatives, or “other ingredients you can’t pronounce” in any of their foods. Here are a few more first-food ideas for babies.

Plus, their cold-processing extends the shelf life without affecting the taste and texture—so important when we’re introducing our tiny gourmets to the myriad of flavors and consistencies in the world of delicious food!

And baby food doesn’t have to be bland or tooth-achingly sweet either. The Once Upon a Farm range includes a few ingredients unique to prepared baby food, like kale, turmeric and ginger—all of which have great health benefits.

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Once Upon a Farm baby food options

Organic Applesauce Food Pouches

Applesauce is a staple for baby-led weaning. Once Upon a Farm offers a few mouthwatering flavors, including a plain apple and blueberry-apple variety. Purchase a 24-pouch variety pack here ($75). The best part? These naturally sweet packets are great energy-boosters for kids of all ages.

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Organic Cold-Pressed Fruit and Vegetable Pouches

Once your baby has got to grips with applesauce, you can tickle their taste buds with a wider variety of fruit, such as mango or strawberries (although be aware of possible allergies). Once Upon a Farm offers kid-friendly flavors perfect for stage 2 eaters like Wild Rumpus Avocado, OhMyMega Veggie!, Mama Bear Blueberry and Green Kale & Apples, Purchase a 16-pouch variety pack here ($53). Learn more about baby food stages with our easy explainer guide.

Pro tip: Consider avoiding honey as a sweetener—pediatricians advise that babies don’t try it before they hit a year. Date syrup is a fine alternative.

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Organic Cold-Pressed Baby Food Cups

Once Upon a Farm jazzes up their baby food line with nutrient-rich cups made for stage 3 eaters. The cups have textures blends of fruits and veggies specially designed for spoon-feeding. With flavors like Strawberry Beet Basil, Squash Bucklin’ Sage and Beauty and the Beet, your little one will explore new tastes while helping with oral motor development. Pick yourself up a variety pack of 12 here. ($40)

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