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14 Major Brands That Will Actually Send You Coupons for Free

Take your pick—there are many ways big brands give out free coupons.

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Intro to couponing

There are a few different ways to get free coupons from big brands. Some simply offer email lists and online forms specifically for free samples and coupons. Others send coupons after emailing the brand directly and either asking for coupons or giving product feedback. Of course, don’t ignore the circulars or the manufacturer coupons on in-store products, either. Keep these tactics in mind once you know the major brands that offer free coupon deals, according to expert couponers. Learn how a teen saved $359 at a grocery store in one morning.

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Best Buy

The best coupon deal Mike Catania, founder of savings community, ever had was with Best Buy. The combination of his purchase timing and his free coupon meant significant savings. The coupon he used was only available to members of the Best Buy Reward Zone, now the My Best Buy program. It’s free to join the program and access free insider coupons, Catania says. Your best bet, however, might be stacking purchases to get the “Elite Plus” status. Stacking purchases unlocks the best coupon offers, as well as the highest amount of cash back on purchases, according to Catania. If you want to get the most for your money, note these 11 ways you can immediately save money on groceries.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond is well known for their great coupons, Catania says. You can get free 20 percent off coupons for single items, but the best coupons are those for 20 percent off your entire purchase. Access these coupons by signing up for the free My Offers program with your Bed Bath and Beyond account. You’ll be able to access the coupons by email, text or snail mail. These are the smartest deals to look out for at every major grocery store.

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Kellogg’s is “hands down” one of the best major brands with awesome coupons, according to Joy Hearn, an extreme couponer and founder of Cards and Clips. The brand sends Hearn free coupons for Eggo’s, Cheese-It’s, Morning Star, Keebler, Special K, Frosted Flakes and more. The simple trick to get this brand to send you free coupons is to become a member of the email club, she says. Plus, you could combine some coupons like Hearn and save big. With coupons from Kellogg’s, she bought two packs of Morning Star for $0.99 each.

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General Mills

Annie’s, a General Mills brand, sent Hearn free coupons after taking a quick survey. Again, she made the most of the coupon and kept an eye on local sales. Her local store sale, plus the coupons from the survey, equaled four boxes of free Annie’s fruit snacks. And she actually got $0.04 back due to the overage. If you prefer skipping the survey step, you can print out some coupons at home. One of our editors tried couponing like GregThatDude. Here’s how she did.

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Another brand that gives generous coupons is Silk, the company that makes almond, cashew and oat milk, Hearn says. The brand sends high-value free coupons via email if you sign up. “It has become a normal thing for me to get half-gallon cartons of Almond milk for just $0.99 when it goes on sale,” Hearn says. That’s an average $3.00 in savings. Check out these 10 ways to save money on groceries this week.

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Kraft coupons for everything from condiments to macaroni and cheese are available for free to print online. If you want the brand to send some your way, however, you can email them directly with feedback, and you could receive some free coupons in return. If you want deals on more than just products, check out these senior citizen discounts that go way beyond coupons.

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Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark manufactures Huggies, Viva Paper Towels, Scott Paper Towels and Kotex. Hearn says this company is also very generous with coupons, especially for Kotex products. “I get free Kotex liners all the time,” Hearn says. “They usually send a coupon for $2.00 off, and I’ll go to Walmart and buy two 14-count packages for $0.97 each.” Sign up for promotions and deals via email specifically for your favorite and most-used brands only, so your inbox doesn’t crowd. Learn about the couponing secrets you can unlock with your phone.

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Stephanie Schill, an extreme couponer who writes about couponing and saving money on her blog, got in touch with Chobani because her daughter loves their yogurt tubes. She told the company about how much she loves the convenient yogurt tubes and why. A few weeks later, Schill got a $2 coupon in the mail for Chobani. Schill says emailing brands with kind words or asking for coupons is always a little bit of a gamble. “But it paid off literally, and coupons arrived in my mailbox a few weeks later,” she says. You can skip the email by signing up for free, online.

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Duncan Hines

Pinnacle Foods is the Duncan Hines parent company that dishes out some coupon deals. Reach out to them with product feedback for a chance to snag some coupons. Here are 9 ways you can save money at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market.

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Another way major brands might send free coupons is if the product is unsatisfactory. That was the case for Schill and Pampers. The wipes in the package were the wrong way so she couldn’t take them out easily, a tragedy when you have your hands full. She emailed the customer service politely explaining her frustration, and they sent her coupons for her next purchase. “I would have purchased the wipes again anyway, but receiving the coupons was a nice touch, and I felt valued as a customer,” Schill says. If you love Pampers and have young kids, it’s worth signing up for the email list to access dozens of coupons without having to spend time emailing the company.

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Birds Eye

Load up on frozen veggies with another Pinnacle Foods brand, Birds Eye. You can contact them for free coupons on everything. Make sure you know these 19 tricks that frugal shoppers use to save big on groceries.

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Grocery store shelf with boxes of Enfamil brand baby formula. SHEILA FITZGERALD/SHUTTERSTOCK


The Enfamil formula brand recently sent Schill a package full of samples and coupons for free. They have a webpage dedicated to requesting a free sample box that they advertise as valued at over $400 in gifts, according to Schill. “Requesting coupons can be a time-consuming process, and if you’re emailing brands blindly you aren’t guaranteed a coupon,” she says. “Taking advantage of opportunities like this Enfamil one is well worth your time as you know you’ll be receiving the samples and offers.”

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Box of Alka-Seltzer Plus Day and Night cold and flu.DCWCREATIONS/SHUTTERSTOCK


Send the Alka-Seltzer team a compliment (or a complaint if you are unhappy) for some potential free coupons. While you’re trying to save money, make sure you avoid these 32 almost invisible ways that stores get you to spend more.

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Dean's french onion dipVIA TARGET.COM

Ventura Foods

Who doesn’t love chips, dips and coupons? Schill bought Dean’s Dip, a Ventura Foods brand, and the quality resembled sour cream. Since she wasn’t happy with her purchase, she sent an email to the brand and got an apology along with free coupons. Next, learn about the 21 things grocery store managers aren’t telling you.

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