8 Irish Cocktail Recipes Made With Irish Whiskey

It won't take long to whip up one of these Irish cocktail recipes—as long as you've got Irish whiskey on hand!

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Easy Irish Cream
Taste of Home

Easy Irish Cream

This simple and delicious Irish Cream will win the approval of both iced coffee and hot coffee lovers. Its silky smooth texture goes down easy. Plus, the secret ingredient to this Taste of Home favorite (chocolate syrup!) sweetens the drink to perfection.

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Classic Irish Mule

You can add some fresh-squeezed lime juice to a glass of ginger ale and Jameson to create an Irish Mule. It’s an understated choice, but definitely a classic. You can get Jess’ Irish whiskey recipe from her blog Flying on Jess Fuel.

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Jameson Irish Redhead Cocktail

If you’re looking for a way to sweeten your Irish whiskey recipe, try creating a Jameson Irish Redhead, inspired by Mayre Audet-White’s recipe. The main ingredients, well, other than Jameson of course, are Sprite and grenadine. This cocktail might even remind you of an ice-cold Shirley Temple. But don’t worry—it’s still an adults-only drink.

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Irish coffee with whisky on dark background
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Irish Coffee

This Irish coffee recipe is easy to make and has plenty of coffee flavor. It’s a simple blend of whiskey and coffee, but can easily be dressed up with toppings like whipped cream, chocolate shavings or even nutmeg or cinnamon.

(One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day shots is a mini Irish coffee shot!)

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Jameson & Ginger Ale

Tricia of Saving Room for Dessert was inspired by a trip to Ireland when she put together this recipe. Enjoy whiskey like a true Irishman by mixing it with ginger ale. It’s simple, smooth and as authentically Irish as you can get.

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Blarney Stone Cocktail

If you’re a fan of a ginger beer, we’re sure you’d like to sip on this drink for St. Patrick’s Day! This recipe from Honey and Birch is both refreshing and delicious. Just combine your go-to Irish whiskey with ginger beer and a splash of lime to create the Blarney Stone cocktail.

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Jameson Old Fashioned

The Irish love some good, old-fashioned craic (which is slang for “fun” in the Emerald Isle), but regardless of heritage, most people love Old Fashioneds. Try a Jameson Old Fashioned from Cake ‘n Knife. The combination of ingredients and flavors produces a smooth, satisfying drink.

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Irish Mule With Mint

There are lots of variations on the Moscow Mule, but the bloggers of Fox and Briar keep it minty fresh by adding, well, mint! If you’re hoping for a sophisticated vibe, or are looking to add a pop of green to your Irish holiday, try this recipe.

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