How to Give Your Kitchen a GBBO-Style Makeover

These kitchen goods will look familiar to fans of The Great British Baking Show, and you can add them to your kitchen to make it as quaint as the tent.

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Mason Cash Mixing Bowls

You’ll recognize these mixing bowls from Mason Cash right away. They’ve been featured in season after season of The Great British Baking Show, and for good reason. These bowls are gorgeous, chip-resistant and come in many sizes, so you can stir up even big batches of cookies with ease.

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GBBO Artwork

One of the show’s most iconic elements is the illustrations of each and every bake. These drawings are meticulously crafted by artist Tom Hovey, and you can get a slice of the pie—err, a print—from his shop. Find illustrations from your favorite baker and display in your kitchen with pride. This one from Liam has us thinking about this apple stack cake.

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Pastel KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid stand mixers are a must in our Test Kitchen and a must in the baking tent, too. You’ll see them featured in all sorts of pastel colors on the show (though you can get KitchenAid stand mixers in all kinds of colors to suit your decor).

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GreenPan Ceramic Cookware

According to the Daily Mail, GreenPan is the cookware of choice in the tent. These ceramic-coated pots and pans are easy to clean (even after making a sticky caramel). See what one of our editors thought of ceramic cookware.

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Slate Platters

It’s not uncommon to see the bakers serving up their bakes on simple slate platters like these. You can do the same at home, plus you can use them for way more than baking. They’re the perfect base for your next cheese and charcuterie tray.

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Breville Hand Mixer

When it comes to whipping up a quick whipped cream or frosting, contestants use Breville hand mixers in the most recent seasons. This nine-speed hand mixer comes with silicone-tipped beaters, a whisk and dough hook attachments. Pretty nifty!

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Glass Canisters

You’ll never see competitors scooping flour out of a paper bag on the show. Instead, they carefully weigh their ingredients spooned out of glass canisters. These tight-sealing canisters are perfect for keeping your baking essentials fresh.

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Magimix Food Processor

In the tent, you’ll see Magimix food processors blitzing down almonds to make marzipan or shredding carrots for carrot cake. If you’re in need of a food processor (they are super handy in the kitchen) and love GBBO, you can’t go wrong with this one!

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Gingham Tablecloth

While the bakers in the tent may dread the gingham tablecloth that comes along with each week’s technical challenge, we think it’s rather quaint. You can dress up your table with this checked cloth and tackle the baking challenges we post in Bakeable, our Taste of Home baking community.

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The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family

Inspirational Cookbook

Great British Baking Show kitchen makeover wouldn’t be complete without a few cookbooks from Paul and Prue on the shelf. The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family is a great place to start.

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