24 Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Some people are just difficult to shop for. (Hi, Mom!) If someone on your gift list has you stumped, check out these genius gifts for people who have everything.

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gifts for people who have everything Truff Gourmet Peppers Truffle Experience
via amazon.com

TRUFF Hot Sauce

So they may have sampled every hot sauce in the grocery aisle—but we guarantee they’ve never tried this truffle-infused hot sauce. TRUFF offers an indulgent, gourmet topping that’ll get any foodie’s stamp of approval, perfect for garnishing just about any dish that could use a kick.

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gifts for people who have everything Slip White Polka Dot Pillowcase Sleep Mask Set
via nordstrom.com

Slip Pillowcase & Sleep Mask Set

For the beauty maven in your life, gift this luxurious sleep set from Slip. She’s not likely to splurge on the pure silk pillowcase and sleep mask herself, which is why they make a great gift. Their hair-protecting, anti-aging properties are just added bonuses.

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gifts for people who have everything Original Napping Pillow
via ostrichpillow.com

Ostrichpillow Original Napping Pillow

There’s no shame in blocking off some time in your work-from-home schedule for a midday nap break—and luckily, Ostrichpillow is here to make the rest a little more comfortable. This unique pillow makes desk napping easy, cozy and private even if the recipient is in a shared workspace.

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gifts for people who have everything Bubble Cube Candle Unique Gift Home
via CaiCaiHandmade/etsy.com

Bubble Cube Candle

Sure, you could choose one of a million jarred candles—or you could get a candle that’ll actually surprise and delight its recipient. This cube candle is almost too cool to burn, with four scents (including unscented for sensitive noses) and three soothing neutral color choices. Pick up these candle accessories, too.

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gifts for people who have everything Avocado Huggers Food Silicone Savers
via amazon.com

Avocado Huggers

Anyone who cooks with avocado knows this temperamental fruit’s pitfalls. Unless you’re prepared to eat the whole thing in one sitting, its leftover half will instantly brown—which is why these avocado huggers are such a clever idea. For just $12, they’ll keep avocados fresh for longer and prevent food waste.

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gifts for people who have everything High Cbd Formula Bath Salts
via sephora.com

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

There are your average, run-of-the-mill bath salts—and then there are luxe CBD-infused bath salts. This self-care treat promotes an incredibly relaxing soak, with epsom salt, Himalayan sea salt, calendula petals and arnica blended with a high dosage of non-intoxicating CBD. Your tired, stressed friend will thank you later. Find more gifts for anyone going through a hard time.

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gifts for people who have everything Roller Derby Candi Grl Quad Roller Skate
via urbanoutfitters.com

Roller Derby Quad Roller Skate

For the TikTok-obsessed teen, these roller skates will make you the coolest gifter on the planet. Between their fun retro style and functional construction (including extra padding and long-lasting suede material), good luck getting the giftee to take them off.

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Wine Club gifts for people who have everything
via mysa.wine

Natural Wine Club Subscription

Natural wine is having a major moment right now. Help a friend hop on the trend by surprising them with this customizable wine subscription. It’ll deliver three, six or 12 bottles of small-batch natural wines monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, including info about each wine’s producer and food pairing suggestions.

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Larkspur Bib Apron gifts for people who have everything
via rendallco.com

Rendall Co. Larkspur Bib Apron

If your friend is always making a mess in the kitchen, gift them a seriously tough apron to cut down on their cleaning time. This thick, heavy-duty bib apron from Rendall Co. comes in three stylish denim colorways, and is adjustable at the neck to fit any home chef.

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gifts for people who have everything Charging Organizer Identification Smartphones Tablets
via amazon.com

Vogek Charging Station

Your favorite techie probably has enough gadgets and accessories to last them a lifetime—but if there’s one practical gift that’s sure to instantly improve their life, it’s this charging station. It has room to dock all their devices, with overheat protection circuitry so it won’t blow any fuses.

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gifts for people who have everything Kit Knitting Remix Yarn Cardigan Sian Kaan Cardigan En 01
via weareknitters.com

We Are Knitters Cardigan Knitting Kit

Whether the recipient is constantly hopping between crafts or loves filling their closet with cozy sweaters, this cardigan knitting kit is the perfect gift. It’s beginner-friendly, with everything they need to create a functional and stylish sweater from scratch. Don’t be surprised if they wear their prized creation nearly every day.

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gifts for people who have everything Star Wars R2d2 Popcorn Maker
via williams-sonoma.com

Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Maker

The Rebel Fighter in your life will be wowed by this truly unique popcorn maker. The nearly life-size R2D2 not only makes for a cool piece of pop culture to display, but also functions as a popcorn maker, producing light and fluffy air-popped kernels. Bonus: The top doubles as a built-in bowl. Find more of the Star Wars kitchen gadgets we love.

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gifts for people who have everything Greenstalk Vertical Garden Planter
via amazon.com

GreenStalk Vertical Garden Planter

Any beginning gardener who’s short on space will consider this the holy grail of gifts. It’s a vertical planter with five tiers for growing fruits and veggies, flowers and leafy plants of all types, with a clever internal watering system. Just ask them to bring you some garden-fresh tomatoes now and again.

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gifts for people who have everything Ember Mug Temperature Control Smart Mug
via target.com

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Sure, you could give your friend another mug—or you could give them the gift of always-fresh, never-cold coffee. This temperature-controlled coffee mug has its own app to allow them to set their mug to the perfect temperature, so every sip is just as good as the one before.

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gifts for people who have everything Sushi Master Set 12 Piece Sushi Making
via TheAsianTable/etsy.com

Sushi Master Set

The friend who’s always complaining about their takeout budget will appreciate this DIY sushi making kit. It includes everything they need to make pro-quality rolls, complete with a booklet to teach them the ins and outs of how to make sushi. It’s basically date night in a box.

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A mature adult woman does yoga and strength training exercises on a mat in her living room, her pet terrier dog keeping her company and trying to play.

Obé Fitness Subscription

Busy moms can find it hard to squeeze in a few moments of self-care in a day, but gifting her a subscription to Obé Fitness is a great way to help her make some time for herself. Obé offers live and on-demand workouts for all sorts of preferences, including a course specifically for new moms.

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gifts for people who have everything Custom Pet Portrait Gift For Pet Lover
via OnTheEdgeCreations/etsy.com

Custom Pet Portrait

Your favorite crazy pet parent will cherish this thoughtful gift: a custom portrait of their furry friend. Simply send in a photo of their pet, and the artist creates a digital portrait that captures their personality. We like that prices start at just $75, too.

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gifts for people who have everything Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker
via uncommongoods.com

Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

Your friend who fancies himself an amateur bartender likely already has a bar cart full of tools and accessories—but does he have a cocktail smoker? We’re betting no. This kit allows him to add some extra aroma to his favorite drink with smoking chips made from teas, woods and spices. For more options, you can also take a look at our top picks for cocktail smokers.

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Solo Edition gifts for people who have everything
via theadventurechallenge.com

The Adventure Challenge Solo Edition

For the person who’s more into experiences than physical possessions, this book is an ideal gift. It’s filled with fun new adventures they can complete on their own, like cooking a meal sourced with only local ingredients. They’ll thank you for eliminating their boring weekends altogether.

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gifts for people who have everything Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract
via williams-sonoma.com

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract

Every foodie knows that high-quality vanilla can make or break the flavor of a dish, and this Test Kitchen-approved pure vanilla is practically guaranteed to please every taste bud. It’s made from cold-processed Madagascar vanilla pods for a rich, intense flavor that’s worth splurging on. It’s a great addition to a care package!

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gifts for people who have everything The Office Dunder Mifflin Michael Scott
via SaihinHandiCrafts/etsy.com

Dunder Mifflin Cookie Cutter

So your giftee might have everything—but we’re guessing they probably don’t have a cookie cutter in the shape of Michael Scott’s face. This unique cookie cutter is a must for any “The Office” fan, and since it starts at just $6, it’s one of the least expensive ways to make their day.

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Ceramic Egg Cooker gifts for people who have everything
via pamperedchef.com

Pampered Chef Ceramic Egg Cooker

Give the gift of a fast, cheap, healthy breakfast every day with this ceramic egg cooker. Simply crack four eggs, shake them up, and microwave them to get perfect scrambled eggs with none of the mess, prep or cleanup. Bonus: It works with instant oatmeal, too.

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gifts for people who have everything Who S Most Likely To A Party Game
via target.com

Who’s Most Likely To Party Game

At this point, everybody owns their own copies of Monopoly, Candyland and Cards Against Humanity. Help shake up the recipient’s next party with the help of this fresh party game. It’s a fun way to get to know friends a little better and maybe even call them out on their quirky habits.

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gifts for people who have everything The Sill Classic Subscription Box
via thesill.com

The Sill Classic Subscription Box

Every plant parent knows that there’s no such thing as too many plants. Even if their home is already a verifiable jungle, they’ll still appreciate receiving new leafy friends each month thanks to this plant subscription box. And since each one comes in a chic planter, there’s no messy repotting necessary. For more inspiration, check out our best gift ideas.

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