43 Fun Gifts for Dog Lovers, According to Pet Parents

Reward every good boy (and owner) with the paw-fect present. We chatted with several pet owners to find the best gifts for dog lovers, including toys, accessories and subscription boxes.

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Personalized Dog BowlVIA MERCHANT

People who love their pets really love their pets. Whether it’s baking homemade pupcakes or buying new toys on the regular, nothing is too much for their furry family members.

Because of this, we understand just how hard it is to find bone-afide gifts for dog lovers. The good news is you really can’t go wrong with extra dog toys, treats and wearables. The key here is looking for something a little out of the ordinary, like personalized plushies or merch that helps proud dog lovers flaunt their status.

We chatted with our team’s resident pet parents to unleash the best gifts for dog lovers. These presents are perfect for spoiling the pup—and pup owner—in your life. From a custom pet pillow to a snazzy dog treat maker, these pup presents are sure to leave dog parents smiling and tails wagging. We even found a few gifts for the pooch obsessed—even if they don’t have their own furry little one (yet).

Toha24 Bark Box Nicole Doster 01 Ssedit Nicole Doste/Taste of Home

For Every Dog Parent

Bark Box

Gift of the month clubs aren’t just for humans—they’re for pets, too. One of the most popular gifts for dog lovers is Bark Box, which delivers a curated monthly box of goodies for pups right to their door. Each box has a theme, too, from “Slobber Party” to “Howl-O-Ween.” File this under gifts for dog lovers who can’t resist a fun little treat each month.

“This is my favorite thing to gift other pet owners,” says Affiliate Content Director, Nicole Doster. “Bark Box just has so many cute toys that are surprisingly durable and have become favorites for our dog. I especially love their food themed toys. We got a box that featured all classic ice cream treats…it’s so fun to watch Huey run around with a Choco Taco in his mouth!”

Sturdy, stainless and dishwasher-safe, Yeti’s dog bowl arrives built to last year after year. It’s a solid investment for doggie dining at home. Or, adventurous owners can take it to the trail while camping or fishing.

“If you’re looking to splurge a little on your beloved fur baby with a long-lasting, high-quality product, I absolutely recommend the Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl,” says Shopping Editor, Mary Henn. “It combines functionality with a visually-appealing design and you can even personalize it with your dog’s name or image. Best of all, my pup Henry loves his Yeti bowls—and what’s better than making your pets happy?”

Toha24 Petcube 360 Camera Emily Way 01 Ssedit Emily Way/Taste of Home

For the Jetsetter

Petcube 360 Camera

Whether I’m gone for a day or a few hours, I finally feel secure leaving my fur babies behind thanks to this palm-sized device. You, too, can give the gift of peace of mind when they’re away from their furry loved one with the Petcube camera. Offering two-way audio to communicate with their pet and live HD video, pet parents can feel good about leaving for days or nights out. It’s one of those gifts for dog lovers they may not treat themself to, making it a thoughtful find.

Toha24 Puffin Game Madi Koetting 01 Ssedit Madi Koetting/Taste of Home

For the Easily Bored Pup

Puffin Game

Shopping Editor, Madi Koetting is always on the lookout for ways to add some mental enrichment to her pup’s feeding times.

“She scarfs down her food, and a game-like feeding toy is a fabulous way to prolong your dog’s feeding by incorporating some mental exercise,” she says. “This feeding toy from Fable has been the answer to all my problems (dog mom related, that is). Simply add their kibble inside and prepare to be entertained as you watch your dog wobble it all over the ground to get their food out. The toy boasts a range of easy to hard modes so pups don’t get bored. It takes my dog CeCe around 30 minutes to dispense all her food—talk about a smart way to incorporate play time into their feeding!”

Toha24 Snuggle Puppy Madi Koetting 01 Ssedit Madi Koetting/Taste of Home

For the New Puppy Owner

Snuggle Puppy

Finding gifts for dog lovers that cater to puppies is somewhat of a challenge. Puppies are pretty rowdy, but they’re also still babies. Picking up a Snuggle Puppy for a new puppy parent is a thoughtful way to encourage them to sleep throughout the night.

“A fellow puppy mom introduced me to the Snuggle Puppy, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for a restful night’s sleep for you and your dog,” says Madi. “Complete with a heartbeat that reminds your pup of their mom and litter mates, the Snuggle Puppy is their best friend during their puppy phase. I turn the heartbeat on right before bed time (it stays on all night!), and my pup finds solace in this comforting sleep toy by resting her head on it every night.”

Toha24 Custom Dog T Shirt Nicole Doster 01 Ssedit Nicole Doster/Taste of Home

For Those With a Sense of Humor

Custom Dog T-Shirt

If they have a sense of humor, they’ll love this viral custom dog tee. It features photos of their furry friend surrounded by lightening—a truly stunning work of art for any proud pet parent.

“This by far is the BEST gift I’ve ever received,” says Nicole. “You can customize the shirts with your favorite photos of your pet along with its name. The shirts are suuuper soft, too. Once I put it on I never wanted to take it off.”

Toha24 Wool Lookalike Nicole Doster 01 Ssedit Nicole Doster/Taste of Home

For the Home Decor Enthusiast

Wool Lookalike

When it comes to gifts for dog lovers, it pays to go custom. Know a pet parent who can’t stop staring at their furry BFF? Snag your dog-obsessed pal a detailed wool mini-me lookalike that’s almost as darling as the real deal.

“Kateryna is so talented,” raves Nicole. “I worked with this Etsy shop owner to gift a handmade needle-felted replica of our dog to my partner one Christmas. After sending a few photos of our pup at different angles, she nailed his coloring and body type—down to the little details on his speckled belly! I thought it would just be used as an ornament, but it soon turned into one of our most treasured items that is on display all year long.”

Did you know that dogs curl up into a donut shape naturally to retain warmth? The Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Bed takes this a step further by adding butter-soft fur, a raised edge and a delightfully dense memory foam core. Bonus? The cover comes off for easy cleanup.

“The shag itself is soft, and I mean soft,” says former Deputy Affiliate eCommerce Editor, Megan Wood. “The raised border provides a sense of security and a place for my pup, Louie, to rest his head. He can also burrow down into the bed and hide his toys. (So that’s where he’s been hiding his rawhide!)”

Adjustable Harness Ecomm Via Amazon.com via merchant

For the Practical Pet Parent

Adjustable Harness

While it’s pretty no-frills, adjustable harnesses meant to fit a range of sizes are such thoughtful gifts for dog lovers. No matter how big their pooch gets, the Blue-9 harness‘s six adjustment points ensures a snug fit without any pinching.

“My favorite thing about the Balance Harness is that it adjusts at every point, so it expands as your dog grows,” notes Mary. “My dog has worn the same harness since he was 4 to 6 months old, and now, a year later, he is fully grown, and the harness still fits! I think that also speaks to the quality of the harness. After all this time (and a quick cycle in the washing machine), the harness looks as good as new.”

For the Earth-Conscious Friend

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

This one may sound strange, but friends don’t let friends use bad poop bags. Stock up a friend’s pet supplies with poop bags that are better for the environment.

“After I saw a fellow pet owner struggling with defective bags, I gifted her a bulk supply of these Earth Rated dog bags,” says Nicole. “They make the least luxurious chore of owning a pet more stress-free as the bags are sturdy. After using them for years, I’ve never had any accidental rips or tears. Plus, they’re made of recycled material which is a bonus in my book.”

For the Dog Napper

Human Dog Bed

Have you ever looked at your dog nestled in their bed and wished you could be as cozy as they are? Bless your favorite fur parent with a dog bed of their very own. The Plufl Human Dog Bed uses orthopedic memory foam and a washable  cover to simulate the experience of napping like a pooch. Snuggle up and watch a flick or bunker down with your dog for the most comfortable zzz’s you’ll ever catch!

Dogs adore rawhide chew toys, but recent discourse suggests that they’re not always the safest treats. That’s where the Bow Wow Buddy comes in. Available in sizes XS through XL, the vet-approved bully stick holder securely stashes stick treats, prevent choking hazards and the potential for internal obstruction. It’s ideal for any dog parent, but especially ones with an aggressive chewer.

Give the gift of knowledge with a dog DNA test. This option from Embark features a full breed panel, a canine relative finder and fast results that arrive in 2-4 weeks. Health readings—including a check for up to 250 genetic health conditions—offers valuable insight into a pet’s history. It’s an invaluable tool for those who want their pets healthy for years to come.

Keep Fido’s temperature in check easily during summer months with the ultra-cool Pupsicle. In addition to a generous lifetime warranty, this toy offers hours of entertainment. Simply insert the chilly treat and let pups lick it clean. Once finished, give it a rinse and it’s ready for another use. Snag the Starter Pack or Alpha Pack for extras like a DIY treat tray, refill pops and doggy broth.

For the Fashionista

Matching Hoodies

Slipping into a cozy hoodie is such a nice way to start the weekend. Why deprive dogs of that same experience? The matching dog and human hoodies from Good Thomas are soft, mid-weight cotton fleece that come in both people and pet sizes. Choose from four eye-catching colors, or opt for one of their other matching sets. Even better, each purchase donates to homeless pup rescues.

For the Health-Conscious Pooch

Dog Massage Therapy Class

Experiences make memorable gifts for dog lovers, and learning how to give pups a massage is an incredible bonding experience for both owners and fur babies. Certified canine massage therapist Ian Byrne teaches how in his virtual Paws & Breathe: Dog Massage Therapy Class. Each 75-minute class covers a range of techniques, from prep to practice. He also offers ways to read a dog’s reactions to each massage in order to tailor to their specific needs, likes and dislikes.

For the Ultimate Dog Lover

Sweatshirt & Jogger Set

Proud pet owners will go barking mad for this comfy and cuddle-worthy sweatshirt and jogger set. A repeating pattern featuring sweater-clad pups is enough to melt almost any dog lover’s heart. Ultra-cozy fleece and elastic on the ankle cuffs keeps the chill out all winter long.

For the Fur Fighter

Waterproof Waffle Blanket

There’s so many things to love about gifting this waterproof waffle blanket. These warm and cozy gifts for dog lovers come in a variety of sizes, from medium to XL. A waterproof lining on the interior prevents accidents, spills and fur from touching couches or backseats. Any pet parent will thank you for eliminating errant hair and drool from their favorite seat!

Particularly hairy breeds often require routine maintenance at the groomer—and those costs add up over time. This grooming vacuum makes short work of long hair without making a massive mess. Included is a grooming and deshedding brush, electric clippers , a nozzle head and cleaning brush that catches pet hair before it hits the floor. Say “goodbye” to stressful grooming visits and “hello” to this at-home dog salon with over 13,000 positive reviews on Amazon!

Dog Mom Box via merchant

For the Dog Mom

Dog Mom Box

Another clever monthly gift option is the well-loved Dog Mom Box. Like Bark Box, the Dog Mom Box comes with an assortment of treats, toys and supplies. It also offers a few fun picks for dog moms, such as shirts, mugs and other dog-themed gifts.

For the Barista

Soul Pup Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. has some of the best brews and coffee gifts around. Each cup of Soul Pup coffee offers a medium dark roast inspired by the special bond between a person and their soul dog. Pick between whole bean or ground depending on preference. Recipients will love the notes of chocolate-covered strawberries, walnuts and vanilla—and you’ll love that each purchase supports rescue initiatives.

Custom Pet Portrait via merchant

For the Sentimental Pet Parent

Custom Pet Portrait

Transform their favorite photo of their best boy or girl into a beautiful watercolor portrait they can proudly display forever. Plus, you can customize it with their pup’s name for an extra sweet touch. Each portrait prints on high quality canvas paper, but you can also select digital download and print it yourself.

For the Coffee Lover

Star Pups Dog Toy

Did someone say, “pup-kin” spice latte? Doggos deserve to be in on the coffee run fun, and now they can thanks to this adorable “star pups” dog toy. The 6.5-inch plush toy is fun for pups of all sizes while the squeaker offers endless engagement.

For the Bookworm

If My Pet Could Talk Book

For the dog parents with children, this personalized If My Pet Could Talk book is just the gift. Customized with their dog’s name, we can’t think of a cuter way for their little one to bond with Fido at bedtime as they imagine what it would be like if their furry friend could engage in silly conversations. It’s a total keepsake the whole family will enjoy for years to come.

For the Breeder

Dog Breeds Tea Towel

Pet parent or not, any doggo-obsessed loved one will appreciate this dog breeds tea towel. From the Australian shepherd to the zuchon, it artfully depicts various breeds and is totally display-worthy.

If there’s one thing dog parents can never have too much of, it’s enrichment toys—aka toys that promote mental enrichment via brain games. And if they work from home or have a hyper-active pup, this automatic treat dispenser is a total win-win for everyone. Fill the dispenser with food or training treats and place the button in a separate room. When the button is pushed, a treat is dispensed. Not only does it keep dogs entertained by having to run back and forth from the button to the treat dispenser, it doubles as exercise during their meals. The pet parent in your life will thank you later for this entertaining gift.

Dog Mom Hat via merchant

For the Laid-Back Dog Mom

Dog Mom Hat

Shopping for the proud dog mom? Help them flaunt their dog mom status in style with this embroidered hat. Available in several fun colorways, it’s their new go-to for outdoor adventures and hanging around the house.

Pug Planter via merchant

For the Pug Parent

Pug Planter

We have a feeling the plant- and dog-obsessed loved one is going to absolutely swoon over this pug planter. Combine their two loves in one thoughtful gift they can display for years to come. And if pug isn’t their doggo of choice, it’s available as a dachshund, poodle, French bulldog and pretty much any popular breed design, too.

Dog Treats Sugarwish via merchant

For the Indecisive

Dog Treats Sugarwish

Our favorite personalized care package, Sugarwish, also offers treats for doggos! Offering over 40 all-natural Sugarwish dog treats, giftees get to choose exactly what they want—no second guessing what Fido can or can’t eat. Plus, they can pick from wearable goodies like bandanas and bow ties. Their box arrives in gift-worthy packaging with plenty of treats to last for days.

Custom Dog Pillows via merchant

For the Cuddle Queen

Custom Pet Pillow

“I have too many pictures of my dog,” said no canine owner ever. Put your favorite photo on oversized display with this custom pet pillow. It comes in sizes ranging from 6 to 24 inches (either one-sided or double-sided) and, according to Etsy shoppers, looks just like your pup in real life.

Masterclass Dog Training Subscription Via Masterclass.com masterclass.com, Getty Images

For the Dog Trainer

Masterclass Dog Training

For the ambitious dog lover who’s always teaching their pup new tricks, this Masterclass on dog training with animal expert, Brandon McMillan, is an entertaining gift for them and their furry friend. In this collection of training sessions, they’ll build valuable trust and control with their pup. Dog training classes tend to be expensive and not interactive between parent and pup, making this gift a thoughtful alternative for the hands-on dog lover. A quick note of advice, make sure you know the giftee pretty well otherwise they could take this gift the wrong way.

For the Puzzle Fiend

New Yorker Dogs Puzzle Art

A puzzle and art piece they can cherish forever? That’s exactly what they get with this New Yorker dog cover puzzle by artist Mark Ulriksen, which was originally published in August 2007. The 1,000-piece puzzle offers mental enrichment for dog lovers with the prize at the end being a display-worthy print to frame and enjoy for years to come.

For the Social Media Savvy

Pooch Selfie Stick

Getting your puppy to sit still long enough for a picture seems impossible. Until now, that is. The Pooch Selfie—as seen on Shark Tank—clips onto your phone and holds a tennis ball on top to keep Fido focused while you capture the perfect photo.

For the Country Fan

Doggy Parton Bandana

You’re familiar with Dolly Parton, but what about Doggy Parton? The country singer has her own line of pet products, and it’s just as sassy and spunky as she is. One of our favorite gifts for dog lovers from the collection is this gingham and denim bandana, which comes in two sizes and will give your pooch a little Southern flair.

Making homemade dog treats has never been easier thanks to this convenient gadget. Follow one of the included recipes—or try our cheddar dog treat recipe—and they’ll have eight bone-shaped delights for their pup in just minutes.

With more than 91,000 rave reviews on Amazon, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball should be at the top of every pooch’s wish list. As the name suggests, it makes funny noises as it wiggles around, capturing your pet’s attention. The best part? It doesn’t require batteries.

For the Atheleisure Lover

Custom Pet Embroidered Sweatshirt

If you’re in search of the perfect dog gift for the dog lover in your life, look no further than this personalized sweatshirt. Available in unisex sizes and a rainbow of colors, the pullover can be embroidered with up to two canine portraits and their names.

For the Winter Wanderer

Reversible Dog Coat

Easily one of the most popular pet products on Amazon with over 50,000 positive reviews, this reversible dog coat is equal parts stylish and cozy. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, and one side is both wind- and waterproof while the other is made with super soft fleece in an array of classy plaid prints.

Custom Pet Necklaces Ecomm Via Etsy via merchant

For the Always Accessorizing

Custom Paw Print Necklace

Bring your four-legged best friend everywhere with this pretty personalized necklace. It features your dog’s actual paw print and name engraved on a rose gold, gold or silver disc. Have more dogs? Add more discs!

For the Fan of Fun and Games

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Nerf guns, but for dogs—that’s what you get with this tennis ball blaster, which shoots balls for your furry friend to retrieve. The gun launches balls up to 50 feet with just the pull of the trigger, saving your arm and making playtime more fun for everyone involved.

Personalized Dog Bowl via merchant

For the Foodie

Personalized Dog Bowl

Step one: Make your own dog food. Step two: Put it in this custom dog bowl with your pup’s name emblazoned on the side. It comes in both small and large sizes for any breed of canine, and it’s made of long-lasting ceramic to hold up for many years to come.

For the Well-Dressed Doggy

The Foggy Dog Collar

Velvet, gingham, florals—you’ll find all different styles of designer dog collars at The Foggy Dog. They’re as practical as they are pretty, too, with an engravable buckle and durable reinforced stitches. Bonus: With every purchase, The Foggy Dog donates half a pound of food to an animal shelter in the U.S.

Personzlied Dog Ornament Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

For the Crafter

Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Personalized presents make the best gifts for dog lovers. Take this ornament kit, for instance, recommended by over 5,000 Amazon reviewers. It includes everything needed to make two keepsake clay ornaments featuring your dog’s paw prints in just 72 hours.

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