13 Foods That Can Help Keep You Hydrated

Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

Looking for inventive ways to stay hydrated? Think beyond the water bottle with these hydrating foods.

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Even if you get creative and sip on infused water, it can be hard to stay hydrated. But, hydration doesn’t just have to come from water, or liquid for that matter. Plenty of foods have high water content, which can help you get the amount of water you need each day.

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There’s nothing like cutting up a huge melon on a hot summer day and sharing it at a backyard barbecue. Enjoying refreshing watermelon recipes (or better yet, watermelon juice) might be better for you than you imagine. Yes, as the name suggests, watermelons are full of water! To be exact, they can contain about 92 percent. Delicious.

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When it comes to foods that contain water, oranges are high on the list at 87 percent. Whether you snack on slices or add sparkling segments to your favorite fruit salads, these juicy fruits are busting with flavor, vitamin C and water! Have extra oranges on hand? Here are a few surprising ways to use oranges.

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Sure, an apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but they sure do keep you hydrated! In fact, apples are 80% water. No matter which type of apple you love to bite into, eating apples has been proven to help you lose weight, too. They contain many good-for-you nutrients, like fiber, that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut.

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Packing a massive 85 percent water content, eating a tangy yogurt parfait has to be one of the best ways to start the day. Not only will this snack keep you hydrated, but it also promotes a healthy gut, too. So, why not try making your own yogurt at home? Spoiler alert: it will save you tons of money.

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Chomping on a fresh stick of celery may be better for you than you ever imagined. In fact, 110 grams of celery includes 105 grams of water! Add chopped celery to your favorite summer salad recipes or snack on it stuffed with peanut butter. Either way, it’s one of the top water-filled foods, so don’t miss out. Psst—don’t throw out your celery scraps! You can use them to grow your own celery at home.

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How do you like your eggs in the morning? Whatever your preference happens to be, there’s one thing you should know about this particular food: Few people realize it but they are actually 75 percent water! If you’re a huge egg lover, you’ve got to test out these egg cooking tools.

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You probably already know that bananas have many benefits, but what about their water content? This fruit is 75 percent water, which means that you should probably be eating more of it. Of course, bananas are a great on-the-go snack but why not be a little more adventurous? Experiment with one of these recipes that use ripe bananas.

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While you’re making your favorite fresh cucumber recipes, there’s just one small thing that you should know: They are absolutely filled with water–95 percent, actually. That’s all the more reason to enjoy! Be sure to add some to lettuce salads and veggie trays for extra flavor and crunch. Oh, and try hydrating your skin with a refreshing cucumber face mask, too.
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A common ingredient in vegan recipes because of their meaty texture and versatile flavor, mushrooms are also one of the top foods that contain water. What’s more, there are plenty of ways to enjoy mushrooms. Try adding them to your favorite risotto or just stuff them with goat cheese for an easy appetizer. Since they are 92 percent water, they’re a guilt-free treat.

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Fancy a dessert that’s at once refreshing and flavorsome? You may just have found it. Adding a dollop of cream on top of some fresh peaches is as easy as it is fabulous. This fruit happens to be 89 percent water, which means you’ll be satisfied and hydrated when you indulge in fresh peach recipes. (Just make sure you’re peeling peaches the right way.)

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These fruits (yes, tomatoes are a fruit!) contain a whopping 95 percent water! Why not try one of our top salsa recipes? Salsa is great with nachos or over grilled chicken or fish. Not a huge salsa fan? Don’t worry, tomatoes are super versatile. Try using them up in one of our other fresh tomato recipes.

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Boasting a respectable 91 percent water, you should never overlook the health benefits of the simple strawberry. They’re sweet and oh-so-good for you! So, head to your nearest you-pick farm and stock up! Whether you eat them fresh from the berry patch or use them in strawberry recipes, they never disappoint.

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Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are at the heart of many classic soup recipes, veggie trays, Tex-Mex meals and more. Whether you’re enjoying some freshly homemade fajitas or just a simple stir-fry, you can’t go wrong here. As though that weren’t enough, when eaten raw, bell peppers are 92 percent water.