Here’s How to Eat an Apple the Right Way

Who knew there was a wrong way to eat an apple?

You know when you were in middle school eating lunch with your friends, and someone at the table always did something a little off? My friend used to sit on her sandwiches before eating them because they “tasted better flat.” My other friend would eat ice cream only if she could crumble potato chips in it. (She was on to something with that one!)

My weird little thing was how I ate apples—all the way from top to bottom. But was it the right way?

Here’s How to Eat an Apple the Right Way

Whenever I’d eat an apple, my friends always had to comment: “Why are you eating it like that?” I wish I had an answer, but it’s just what felt right to me. I’d twist off the stem and start chowing down from top to bottom. Apparently, most everyone else started in the middle and nibbled around the circumference.

Well, seems my way wasn’t so weird after all! When you eat around the middle, you leave the core for the end. Some people throw it out while others use it for compost. Well, by eating from top to bottom, the core blends in with the rest of the apple. Sure you’ll come across the seeds, but you just need to spit them out! By using this method, you can actually eat the entire apple without waste.

It may seem silly at first, but you’ll learn to love it soon enough. I promise!

Jazz up Your Apples!

If you’re not a fan of peels, we’ve got the perfect apple peeler for you. You can even switch up your snacking by spiralizing your apples—an amazingly fun way to get your kiddos to eat more of their fruits and veggies. Adults, too!

Speaking of eating more fruit, adding some simple peanut butter for a batch of ingenious Apple and Peanut Butter Stackers is bound to having everyone reaching for seconds. Or, you can take a page from my personal recipe book and shake up some apple slices (you can cut them from top to bottom) with cinnamon and sugar. The perfect sweet tooth satisfier that takes minutes of your day. Yum, yum!

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