29 Fall Wreath Ideas You Haven’t Already Seen

Updated: Feb. 13, 2024

Dress up your door with one of these crafty fall wreath ideas! This list includes everything from cute to creepy—and all the autumn styles in between.

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Wood Ball Fall Wreath

Here’s one of the best fall wreath ideas this season, courtesy of @medecoryou. Start with a 16-in. wood wreath ring. Cover the top half of the ring with a row of split wood balls. For the bottom of the wreath, create a symmetrical floral arrangement using fall foliage and pinecones. Talk about a statement-making piece of fall decor! Pro tip: Paint the split wood balls for a custom look.

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Fall pop up Wreath
Katie Bandurski/taste of Home

Pop-Up Harvest Wreath

File this under fall gifts for your bestie. This pop-up card wreath unfolds to reveal the scenes of autumn. It’s perfect for decorating indoors, and it’s guaranteed to last for multiple autumns. Plus, a portion of sales are donated to plant a tree. Katie Bandurski, Taste of Home’s Senior Shopping Editor, shares about this wreath, “Adding it to my door took about five seconds (no nails required), and the darling bird detail makes me smile every time I see it.”

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shutterstock_493763137_01 natural fall wreath
Galina Grebenyuk/Shutterstock

Natural Wreath

Forage in your own backyard to make this natural fall wreath. Collect acorns, small branches, pinecones and other autumn offerings; then use a hot glue gun to attach them to a foam wreath. Start with larger pieces, then fill in the gaps with smaller items. If you don’t have access to the real stuff, purchase faux foliage for the same effect. After all, decor that utilizes natural elements make the best fall wreath ideas. You could also use this wreath as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table.

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Spooky Bat Wreath

This bat wreath by @maranda_christine_ is spooky yet delicate; perfectly balanced to capture the playfulness of Halloween decor without going over the top. To create your own, start with this natural, wispy twig wreath from Michael’s. Then it’s as simple as adding on a few accessories with glue. Arrange faux fall leaves in the middle of the wreath, and a few bat figurines along the outer border.

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fall wreath made with faux gourds, pinecones and leaves
CatLane/getty images

Faux Gourd Wreath

Oh my gourd, what a beautiful fall wreath idea to decorate your front porch! Make your own by collecting miniature faux gourds (this set comes with leaves and acorns), and attach them to a grapevine wreath with a hot glue gun. Add pinecones, leaves and berries to fill in any gaps.

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hoop grass wreath
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Dried Grass Hoop Wreath

Here’s one of the best ready-to-use fall wreath ideas. This dried grass hoop wreath dresses up any front door or living room with whimsical botanicals. The flowers are sourced from a sustainable flower farm, so you can trust the quality of this gorgeous fall wreath. Speaking of dried elements, have you seen the pampas grass trend?

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fall chalkboard wreath with faux leaves and burlap wrap
Laura Drago/getty images

Chalkboard Fall Wreath

Here’s an autumn “wreath” that’s a little outside the box. Hang a small chalkboard on your front door with a welcoming message (we love these chalk markers). Then wrap a long autumn garland made with flexible wire around the frame. This one is great for fall, but you can actually use it year-round! Just change out the garland and the chalkboard message to fit each season.

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Spider Mum Wreath

This example by @handcrafted.by.evelyne utilizes both spider mums and spider pattern ribbon to make a cute yet creepy Halloween wreath. To make your own, cover a foam or grapevine wreath with faux black mums. Then top with a spider ribbon bow! This is another one that can be customized for each season by simply changing the color of the mums and the ribbon. As one of the eeriest fall wreath ideas, make one for yourself or as a Halloween gift for your spooky season-obsessed bestie.

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Modern Floral Fall Wreath

This pretty hoop wreath by @avillageofflowers uses a brass hoop as the base for an extra elegant detail. The other shining star is the mini palm spears, that help add bulk to the floral arrangement. Feathery flowers and delicate stems in modern fall colors, like these taupe fern leaves and vanilla daisies, finish the look.

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Halloween Graveyard Wreath

Who knew a miniature graveyard could be so cute? This creative Halloween wreath by @hellotifni was made with moss, mini pumpkins and hand-painted wooden tombstones. Attach everything to a twig wreath using the always-dependable hot glue gun. This is a fun fall craft kids will enjoy helping with!

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White Owl Wreath

This all-white owl wreath by @allthingshome_by_patricia is sophisticated yet still brings a cozy autumn vibe to her front door decor. Inspired to make your own? Grab a white berry wreath and add a cute owl figurine. Next to the owl, finish with a flourish of fall leaves, feathers and wheat stems.

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shutterstock_477615928_03 faux pumpkin fall wreath

Pumpkin Wreath

Here’s another DIY wreath that makes a big impact, despite being a super simple project. All you need is a grapevine or twig wreath and a set of miniature faux pumpkins. Cover the wreath with the pumpkins using a hot glue gun, and you’re done! The monochromatic style looks great both up-close and from a distance. Pro tip: If you’re feeling extra crafty, opt for mini velvet pumpkins to add texture. Do you know how to preserve real pumpkins?

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Cwon20 Pu5219 06 24 E 1b
TMB Studio

Spindly Spiderweb Wreath

For this cute and spooky wreath, spray paint a grapevine or twig wreath. Here, an imperfect paint job lends to the eerie feel. Create a spiderweb from twine then nestle faux spiders into the web. Top it off with artificial flowers or ribbon to make into a bow. It looks great next to your Venus flytrap plant!

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Bundt Pan Turkey Wreath
TMB Studio

Upcycled Owl Wreath

The best DIY fall wreath ideas incorporate items you already have lying around the house, like this upcycled owl wreath. Start with a twig wreath and create wings with bark (fabric-wrapped foam would also work). Mason jar lids and floral stems make up the eyes. And the belly is an old placemat! Don’t be afraid to use unconventional craft supplies when making a wreath like this, but aim to keep everything in the same color family for a cohesive look.

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Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

File this under pretty pumpkin decor ideas to spice up your home this autumn. This cute pumpkin wreath from The Wreath Depot blog looks complicated, but it’s actually an easy DIY project. Start with a 16-in. wire wreath and about 20 yards of orange burlap ribbon. Secure one end of the burlap ribbon to the wire frame using a knot. Then, gather a small amount of burlap ribbon into a loop and push it up between two of the wires in the frame. Continue looping and pushing the loops through the wires, until the whole frame is filled.

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Clothespin Wreath

This simple clothespin fall wreath is a fun piece of Thanksgiving decor. Add your family’s personal touch by writing things you’re thankful for on each of the clothespins.

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Maximalist Foliage Wreath

More is better when it comes to this maximalist fall wreath from @j_and_b_home. Don’t hold back when making your own fall foliage wreath. Stuff a twig wreath with fall stems, branches, berries and sprays and when you think you’re done—add more! We love this dried flower bundle for the job. Once it’s complete, light one of these best fall candles and watch the autumn leaves roll in.

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Spooky Fall Wreath
via merchant

Spooky Foliage Hoop Wreath

For that minimalist look you don’t have to DIY, look no further than this spooky foliage hoop wreath. The black and fall foliage and spider detail offer the perfect balance of spooky yet elegant. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece in a fall gift basket.

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Midnight Raven Wreath
via merchant

Midnight Raven Wreath

We’re obsessed with this Midnight Raven wreath. It layers black on black, while a beady bird keeps watch over your Halloween visitors. Talk about eerie yet elegant!

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Fabric Fall Wreath

Put those fabric scraps to work! This autumn wreath makes good use of leftover strips in the same color family. We love the rustic vibe and pretty, autumn-inspired hues.

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Bad to the Bone Wreath

Grab a medium size skeleton to recreate this fun Halloween wreath by @handcrafted.by.evelyne. In addition to the cheerful skeleton perched on the wreath, you can add black flowers, orange berry stems and gauze-like fabric. At night, don’t forget to light it up with some twinkly LED lights.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

This deco mesh turkey wreath from The Wreath Depot blog is sure to get smiles from your Thanksgiving guests. Start with a wire wreath. To make the turkey tail, roll pieces of deco mesh into tight rolls, bunching several together in the middle with a pipe cleaner. Then, attach the bundle to the wire wreath so the curly ends stick out. Paint a wooden turkey for the center.

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Fall Dried Wheat Wreath
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Dried Wheat Wreath

Nothing screams fall more than this dried wheat wreath. This handmade beauty is available in two sizes—and it doesn’t require any DIYing on your end. It makes for a lovely fall centerpiece, too.

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Farmhouse Autumn Wreath

This beautiful rustic wreath is the ideal way to welcome visitors to your home. The cozy plaid and “hi” detail makes us want to cozy up with one of these fall mugs and watch autumn movies on repeat.

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Simple Fall Leaf Wreath

Stunning fall wreath ideas, check! This fall creation by @kclee.co highlights the simple beauty of autumn leaves. If it inspires you to make your own, start with a wispy twig wreath then add the fall leaves.

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Moody Dried Flower Wreath

Here’s another asymmetrical fall wreath by @indigoblooms.farm that is making us swoon. Although tones of brown and orange are the traditional fall colors, the deep plum used in this wreath proves that autumn comes in all sorts of deep, rich hues. Try making your own version with a grapevine wreath a faux florals in dark purple, plum and burgundy. This dried floral bundle is our ideal pick for mastering this fall wreath idea.

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Bundt Pan Turkey Wreath
Grace Natoli Sheldon/Country Woman

Bundt Pan Turkey Wreath

Grab an old Bundt pan, or purchase one from a thrift store to make this playful turkey wreath. Cut out a piece of foam board to create a back for the Bundt pan. Then hot glue ornamental grasses and faux feathers to the foam, spacing them out and alternating textures to create the turkey feathers. Glue a stuffed turkey into the pan’s center void to create its body. It doubles as a seriously cute gift for bakers this autumn, too.

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Pampas Grass Fall Wreath

Fluffy pampas grass is the perfect fall accent, which is why we are obsessed with this stunning pampas grass wreath by @stixandstems_. This example uses real dried pampas grass which looks gorgeous, but can be too delicate for outdoor use. Go for more durable artificial pampas grass if you opt to make your own and want to hang it on the front door.

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Skeleton Hand Wreath

Visitors beware! This skeleton hand wreath by @ourbandannahome will spook out your friends, and you won’t have to spend much to make it! You can use any type of black wreath for the base (or makeover a wreath with black spray paint!). Then tie a skeleton hand to hang down the center of the wreath. Finish with a gauzy bow on top. Voila! One of the best fall wreath ideas, mastered.