10 Crazy Pizza Gifts for Friends Always Up for Another Slice

Indulge yourself and your pizza-obsessed friends with these must-have pizza gifts.

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Couple sharing pizza and eating together happily

Whether we choose sausage, pepperoni, thin crust or deep-dish, order takeout or make it from scratch at home, Americans love pizza in all its variations. (We even eat it with fruit!) Show your passion for pizza loud and proud with creative gifts for every slice of life from Amazon.com.

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Sol Coastal 6-Foot Supreme Pizza Slice Vinyl Swimming Pool Float
Amazon / Sol Coastal

6-foot Supreme Pizza Slice Water Raft

Definitely a must at your friend’s next pool or beach party. It even has cup holders.

Buy the raft here.

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iphone pizza case
Amazon / Frepstudio

Pizza iPhone Couple Cases

Exactly what you (or your bestie) need to order takeout.

Buy the set here.

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BigMouth Inc BGMBT-PI Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket, OS
Amazon / BigMouth Inc

Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket

No crispy crust here, just 5 feet of ultra soft microfiber. And it’s machine washable-you know, in case you spill pizza on it.

Buy the blanket here.

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Pizza Fabric Button Earrings
Amazon / Rachel O's

Pizza Fabric Button Earrings

These earrings give a whole new meaning to dining in style.

Buy the earrings here.

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Amazon bicycle pizza cutter
Amazon / Langxian

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Tour de Pizza? Now that’s a bike race we’re eager to participate in.

Buy the pizza cutter here. 

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Portable Pizza Pouch - Great Gag Gift, Stocking Stuffer, Or For The Pizza Lover!
Amazon / PE Generic

Portable Pizza Pouch

Now that’s thinking outside the box.

Buy the pizza pouch here.

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Pizza Slice Plates - Set of 6
Amazon / Supreme Housewares

Pizza Slice Plates

You could serve something besides pizza on these plates, but why would you want to?

Buy a pack of plates here.

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Pizza hat
Amazon / U.S. Toy

Pizza Hat

I see a white elephant party in this hat’s future.

Buy the pizza hat here.

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Pizza collar
Amazon / Buckle Down

Pizza Dog Collar

Don’t forget about Fido.

Buy the dog collar here.

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Pizza Cat Neoprene Lunch Bag
Amazon / stylesilove

Pizza Cat Neoprene Lunch Bag

I. Can’t. Even.

Buy the lunch bag here. 

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