10 DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

Get crafty this holiday season and deck out the Christmas tree with a creative tree skirt. (Patterns included!)

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Dan Roberts/Country Woman

Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt

Make your home feel cozier with plaid. Using this Christmas tree skirt pattern, fold 2 yards of plaid fabric in half with shorter sides together, and fold in half again, to get a rough square. Fold 2 yards of coordinating fleece in the same way. Enlarge pattern to fit fabric square and cut along lines, creating a doughnut shape with each piece of fabric.  Unfold fabric and stack both pieces with right sides together.

Cut a straight line through half of the doughnut on both layers. Working from cut, pin along outer edge, adding fringe between layers, with the balls facing in. Pin along inner circle and along 1 side of cut edge. Sew ¼-in. seam along pinned edges, leaving unpinned cut open. Turn right side out through opening. Cut three 1½-in. pieces of Velcro. Space fuzzy Velcro pieces on skirt back along cut edge, on side with finished seam. Hand sew in place. Mark location for the hooked Velcro pieces on opposite side. Enjoy! Next up. add cheer to your home with these cute winter crafts.

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Country Woman, christmas tree skirt
Country Woman

Christmas Crochet Tree Skirt

When it’s time to deck the halls in your home, hook a lively tree skirt with colorful crochet. This crochet tree skirt was designed by Ruth Shepherd from Chickasaw, Alabama. It looks fancy but doesn’t take long to complete since the stitches for the granny-square motif are so simple. Read the instructions to make your own Christmas Crochet Tree Skirt.

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Country Woman
Country Woman

Two-Piece Velvet Tree Skirt

This elegant design is actually two tree skirts in one. The tree stand rests on top of the green bottom piece and is hidden by a separate red piece draped over the top. Get instructions to make your own two-piece velvet tree skirt here.

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Taste of Home

Felt Tree Skirt

If you like a bit of whimsy in your Christmas decor, then this felt tree skirt is perfect for you. Use any two shades that work with your room or try bright, bold colors that are sure to make a statement. Felt is easy to work with because the edges don’t fray when cut. Sew six felt sections together, alternating colors, then sew on a Velcro strip to the open end sections for closure. Fold skirt in half and cut out a circular opening. Draw felt dots with a compass, and stitch the circle onto the skirt if desired. Discover the secret meaning and history of your Christmas ornaments.

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Country Woman, tree skirt
Country Woman

Quilted Tree Skirt

Add an old-fashioned, homespun touch to your Christmas by placing a quilted tree skirt under the tree. Reader Julia Pierce from Byron, Georgia, made this pretty patchwork keepsake with snippets of leftover fabric from Christmases past. “It can also be used as a cheery table topper with the opening turned to the back and a centerpiece covering the hole in the middle,” she says. If you’re not crafty, you could also wrap an heirloom quilt around the tree.

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Mark Derse/Country Woman
Mark Derse/Country Woman

Bushel Basket

Turn a bushel basket into a rustic tree collar. This quick DIY project will have your Christmas tree sitting pretty in no time. Just cut out the bottom of the basket and smooth any rough spots with sandpaper.

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Dan Roberts/Country Woman
Dan Roberts/Country Woman

Picnic Blanket

Wrap a red and white gingham picnic blanket around the base of the tree for a classic country look. Brown paper packages tied up with string look simply gorgeous with this tree skirt. So you’re hosting a holiday party—now what?

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christmas tree skirt
Courtesy Holly Ambro/Country Woman

Farmhouse Finds

Mix vintage and modern with a touch of DIY magic. Reader Holly Ambro set the scene for a memorable first holiday in her family’s new home. She fashioned the galvanized tree collar with a metal washtub. Another tree rested in an antique sink. “I love using things that are already around my home and getting creative with those items for Christmas,” she says. Enjoy one of these reindeer-inspired treats as you decorate.

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wood crates tree skirt
Courtesy Kristy Robb/Country Woman

Wooden Crates

Give your tree a retro look that is flocked with fun. Reader Kristy Robb says, “Soda crates are always around the house, so we stacked a few to create height. Then I wrapped the bottom of the tree with soft flannel.” Use your Christmas cards to make charming crafts.

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This is a photo of our Christmas tree & the craziness the happens when you're wrapping all the presents! The kiddos like to load the tree with every ornament they can find; which means sometimes some are barely hanging on.
Courtesy Andrea Holodnick/Country

Glittering Garland

For an easy touch of glitz with no sewing involved, wrap a sparkly, colorful garland around the base of your tree like reader Andrea Holodnick. Here’s what to do with your real Christmas tree after the holidays.

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