The Best Birthday Cake-Flavored Foods

Updated: May 13, 2022

Whether you want to pack in as much fun into your big day as possible or just celebrate all the time, you're going to want to try these birthday cake-flavored foods.

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Jelly Beans

Are you at all surprised that Jelly Belly has a birthday cake flavor ($12)? Mix them with some root beer-, cotton candy- and buttered popcorn-flavored beans and you’ve got an instant party for the kids.

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For a salty and sweet option, Flipz candy-coated pretzels come with a birthday cake twist ($24). And yes, of course, they have sprinkles!

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Hard Candy

You can take a little pocketful of birthday fun anywhere with Red Bird birthday-cake flavored candy puffs ($7). Individually wrapped, they are fat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO verified and kosher. Oh, and they’re also yummy—it’s all about the celebration, after all.

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If sugar (or guilt) isn’t an issue, try Godiva’s Limited Edition Birthday Cake Truffles ($4). The white chocolate truffles have a cake-inspired filling of vanilla and white chocolate for a bite-sized indulgence. Truffles are just for birthdays, of course. These recipes are perfect for an any-day treat.

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Almond Butter

Does a commitment to a keto diet mean you can’t taste birthday cake? Heck no. Noosh makes to-go packets of festively flavored almond butter ($18 for 15) to spread on apple slices. Not familiar with ins and outs of the keto diet? Get the facts here.

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Protein Bars

Looking for another low-carb option? Quest Nutrition bars ($30 for 12) come with birthday-cake flavored coating—with sprinkles! They’re made with complete, dairy-based protein isolates and no added sugar. It’s also keto-friendly. Whip up some delicious low-carb snacks to go with them.

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Teddy Grahams

If you want a little snack to tide you over before the big birthday cake show (these recipes are sure to stop everyone in their tracks), grab a box of birthday cake-flavored Teddy Grahams ($9).

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These birthday cake-flavored lollipops are a little bit of heaven on a stick. And at 75 per bag ($12), you can celebrate with a crowd—or keep them for yourself. It is your birthday, after all. Try these recipes for a total food-on-a-stick party!

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Protein Bites

If your nutrition goals call for more protein and fewer carbs, celebrate the big day with these three-in-a-pack Optimum Nutrition bites ($7.50). They tuck 20 grams of protein inside the whipped birthday-cake flavored center. Mini-sprinkles make them as festive as they are healthy.

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