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The Best Things Busy Moms Buy at Aldi

We found the best things to buy at Aldi for busy parents. Psst: They're pretty healthy, too!

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Little Salad Bar Salad MixesCourtesy Aldi

Little Salad Bar Salad Kits

Aldi sells a Southwest salad kit that’s perfect for busy nights when you need a fast side dish, or even the star of the show. Pair it with a rotisserie chicken to complete the meal in less than 5 minutes. (These are the stores with the best rotisserie chicken.)

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Mama Cozzi's Frozen PizzaCourtesy Aldi

Mama Cozzi’s Frozen Pizza

Pair a frozen pizza with steamed vegetables or a salad mix for family dinner that’s ready in 15 minutes. The 16-inch pizzas are $4.99, and a bag of Season’s Choice frozen vegetables is less than a buck. That’s a $6 dinner! See which Mama Cozzi’s pizza made the list of Aldi fan favorites for 2019.

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LiveGFree PastaCourtesy Aldi

LiveGFree Pasta

If your family has a need for gluten-free products, then Aldi is the place to stop. Look for quick-cooking pastas made with healthy ingredients like brown rice and quinoa. Sign up for our gluten-free newsletter for weekly recipes and ideas.

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Simply Nature 90 Second GrainsCourtesy Aldi

Simply Nature 90 Second Grains

Sometimes spinning up side dishes can take the most time. These quick microwave packs help pull together your favorite grain bowls in minutes. We love the quinoa and brown rice, but there are other blends, too.

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Season's Choice Frozen FruitCourtesy Aldi

Season’s Choice Frozen Fruit

Smoothies help jump-start the morning or can be the perfect afternoon snack. Season’s Choice Frozen Berry Medley and Frozen Tropical Fruit Blends are our top picks. Check out these smoothie recipes for inspiration, too.

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Park Street Deli Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry KitCourtesy Aldi

Park Street Deli Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry Kit

This kit comes with seasoned chicken, sauce and noodles. Just grab a bag of frozen vegetables or whip up a side salad to make a meal in under 15 minutes! It’s a splurge at $7.49, but you’ll end up with a balanced meal in no time flat.

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Park Street Deli Slow Cooked Pork CarnitasCourtesy Aldi

Park Street Deli Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas

Pair this savory pork with corn tortillas and shredded cabbage for a winning combo. It heats up in only 3 minutes! Check out the other essentials you should buy at Aldi.

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Park Street Deli BBQ Pulled PorkCourtesy Aldi

Park Street Deli BBQ Pulled Pork

Grab a bag of Aldi’s brioche buns on the way out and you have a star main dish. We serve these with coleslaw or their Southwest Chopped Salad Kit.

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Simply Nature HummusCourtesy Aldi

Simply Nature Hummus

This hummus is the ideal spread for a wrap or sandwich, helps make the perfect team snack and will be a hit at any party. Pair with baby carrots, cut vegetables or pita chips and you’re ready to snack! We go for the classic hummus, but there are funky flavors like red pepper and garlic, too.

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Park Street Deli Snack SelectsCourtesy Aldi

Park Street Deli Snack Selects

These grab-and-go snack packs are loaded with cheese, nuts and dried fruits. Perfect for a mid-morning snack, hitting the trail or racing off to sports practice after school. Heads up, though—this product is only at remodeled Aldi stores.

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Park Street Deli Apples and Peanut Butter Snack PackCourtesy Aldi

Park Street Deli Apples and Peanut Butter Snack Pack

Grab a pack for kids to eat between school pick-up and whatever the next activity is. Peanut butter has just the right amount of fat and protein to ward off hunger before dinner is served. (There’s also apples and caramel if you need a special treat!)

Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RDN
As a registered dietitian Wendy Jo touches on the science and facts behind food, but as a gardener and world traveler she savors the classical dishes our great-grandmothers once made. When she’s not in her kitchen, you can find her and her family exploring the US in their campervan, Olaf!