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The Best Kitchen Torches of 2022

From an incredible sear on a steak and the perfect crust on your mac and cheese to an impressive crème brulee for dessert, these kitchen torches will take your cooking game to a whole new level.

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How a Kitchen Torch Improves Cooking

Not every home cook has a kitchen torch on hand, and it’s high time to change that. Cooking with a torch is a total game-changer for a huge variety of dishes. Of course, most commonly, a kitchen torch is known for creating the beautifully caramelized topping on a crème brulee, but there are so many other great ways to introduce this kitchen gadget into day-to-day cooking.

Flame roasted veggies? Definitely! A quick sear on your steak? It’ll add a steak house-inspired outer crust. You can use a kitchen torch to quickly melt cheese, add a nice crunchy topping to a creamy dish of mac and cheese and even roast marshmallows to make s’mores without ever having to go outside. There really are so many uses!

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How to Safely Use a Kitchen Torch

It’s important to know how to safely use your kitchen torch before clicking on the flame! Start off by reading the instructions that came with your torch to be sure you understand the ins and outs, along with all of the features that go along with it.

Use your kitchen torch in a dedicated safe space. Set up a clear area free of towels, debris and other food, to be sure there aren’t any unwanted items near the flame.

Don’t use your kitchen torch on anything other than the food you’re preparing. Always be mindful of the fact you’re working with a live flame, and be careful not to point it toward anything other than food, especially your face or hands.

Now that you know what a kitchen torch is for, and how to safely use one, here are the best kitchen torches.

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wedding anniversary gifts Spicy Dew Blow Torchvia

Best Overall

Whether you’re jumping into the world of using a kitchen torch for the first time or you’re a seasoned flame master, this kitchen torch is ideal for any level. It can reach over 2000°F, making it perfect for desserts, veggies, meats and more. Plus, it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Safety features include anti-flare technology, a child safety lock, a sturdy base and even a flame guard to keep your hands extra safe.

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Kitchen Torch Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lightervia

Best Budget

Want to try out the option of using a cooking torch in your kitchen without the major investment? This small but mighty butane torch lighter has the option of an adjustable flame, along with a much-needed security lock to prevent any accidental ignition, making it great for those just starting out with this handy tool.

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Kitchen Torch Homitt Refillable One Handed Operation Adjustablevia

Best for Steaks

A perfect sear is what separates a steakhouse steak from a home cooked steak. While it may not be every day you’ll prepare meat with a kitchen torch, you’ll still want a dependable and safe option when you do want that delicious crust. This torch is designed with an angled nozzle and a finger guard for safety. It can reach up to 2500° making it ideal for searing meat for the most delicious texture and flavor on the outside of a steak.

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Rosle Kitchen Torchvia

Best for Creme Brulee

Want a tasty, impressive dessert in seconds? This kitchen torch reaches well over 2300°, making it the ideal companion for caramelizing the sugar top on crème brulee in no time. It’s easy to refill, using either butane or propane, with an adjustable dial and an ultra-safe child-resistant switch.

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Sondiko Culinary Refillable Adjustable Desserts kitchen torchvia

Best for Beginners

If you’re just diving into using a torch in your kitchen, you’ll want an option to make things easier. This butane torch is equipped with a safety lock so you won’t have any worry. It’s portable and easy to use for a wide variety of dishes. Plus, any type of butane tank will fit so there’s no guesswork when getting started.

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Bonjour Brushed Aluminum Chef S Torch With Fuel Gaugevia

Best for Professional Chefs

Plenty of dishes are finished off with a kitchen torch in restaurant kitchens, and you can do the same at home. For professional chefs, this kitchen torch features a fuel gauge so you know exactly how long you can keep using it. Its anti-flare flame is perfect for anywhere use, along with a handy removable stand and safety lock.

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