Aldi Debuts New Coconut Products. Find Out Which We’re Buying.

Updated: Jan. 23, 2022

We love Aldi for its great deals and amazing products. The latest in the store's lineup: a new, limited edition collection of coconut products. Find out which Aldi coconut treats we'll be buying.

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Taste of Home

When it comes to Aldi, I’m not sure what I love best—the super affordable prices or the incredible products (their whiskey was just given top honors!). But now, the discount supermarket is introducing a new collection that just might be my favorite yet. Starting July 11, Aldi is bringing out a limited edition collection of coconut snacks, beverages and more—just right for summer and all those tropical-themed parties. Since I’m a big coconut fan, these new products were definitely on my must-try list (a lot like Shark Tank-famous Sap!).

Of course, I couldn’t try all the coconut treats—especially Aldi’s new sparkling coconut water—alone, so I recruited some other coconut fans to put these new selections to the test. Find out which coconut products are worth stocking up on for your next luau.

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Taste of Home

Barissimo Toasted Coconut Coffee

Before you light those tiki torches and cue up “The Girl from Ipanema,” you need to start your day with a good cuppa. We brewed up a pot of Aldi’s Barissimo coffee in the new toasted coconut flavor. Right out of the bag, the ground coffee smelled amazing—so coconutty! And when it was brewed, that aroma only intensified. Taking a sip, we found this to be a nice medium roast with the perfect amount of coconut flavor. My gang of testers agreed that this coffee was flavorful enough on its own—no creamer or sugar needed, which is great for folks that are trying to cut back on sugar.

$3.79 for a 12-ounce bag; available for a limited time.

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KoKo’s Coconut Gouda Cheese

Probably the most unique seasonal offering from Aldi is the coconut gouda cheese. We can’t say we’ve ever seen these two flavors together before! Personally, I was a bit hesitant about this coconut snack, but I can assure that hesitation was for naught. The cheese was smooth and creamy with just a touch of creamy coconut flavor. The soft texture and mild flavor had us dreaming up different uses for this unique product—maybe on a crostini with a bit of jam or even just simply piled high on crackers. However you slice it, this gouda is good enough to include on your cheese boards all summer.

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$12.99 per pound; available for a limited time.

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Specially Selected Coconut Clusters

After we perked up with that tasty coconut coffee, we dove right into a bag of coconut clusters. These crispy treats included bunches of coconut with a generous helping of pepitas, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds. The combination made for an irresistibly crunchy and sweet snack. These clusters from Aldi-exclusive brand Specially Selected were good on their own, but we thought they would be great sprinkled on yogurt or used in some of these parfait recipes.

$3.99 for an eight-ounce bag; available for a limited time.

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Nature’s Nectar Sparkling Coconut Water

Now, we’ve all heard of coconut water and we’ve all heard of sparkling water, but we’ve never heard of sparkling coconut water. Well, we hadn’t until we came across the product from Aldi-exclusive brand Nature’s Nectar. This summery-looking drink combines the best of both these beverages: the refreshing carbonation of a sparkling water paired with the light, tropical flavor of coconut water. This drink was just a touch sweet, making it feel like a real treat perfect for a hot day.

$1.69 for a 10.8-ounce can; available for a limited time.

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Southern Grove Coconut Cashews

What a perfect combo: cashews dusted with a bit of coconut and sugar. We definitely enjoyed this treat. The coconutty coating was relatively mild, but it complimented the cashews here perfectly. Plus, that extra dusting provided the cashews with extra crunch which most testers found to be pretty irresistible!

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$5.49 for a 10-ounce bag; available year-round.

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SimplyNature Organic Coconut Oil

To be fair, we didn’t do a taste test of this product in-house (I don’t think I’d want a spoonful of the stuff plain!), however, a few of our editors (myself included) use Aldi’s brand of coconut oil at home regularly and love it. I use at home in place of olive oil for sauteeing or frying since coconut oil has a higher smoke point (meaning it can tolerate higher temperatures).

$4.49 for a 14-ounce jar; available year-round.