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15 Brand-New Aldi Finds to Look for in April 2022

It's no secret why we love Wednesdays.

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Cauliflower FloretsCourtesy merchant

Colorful Cauliflower Florets

Eat the rainbow with these spectacularly hued (and vitamin-packed!) veggies.

$1.99 / Available April 6

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Easter Shaped PastaCourtesy merchant

Reggano Easter Pasta

This adorable Easter shaped pasta would be delicious in a springtime-inspired primavera dish.

$1.99 / Available April 6

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Village Pie Maker Apple PieCourtesy merchant

The Village Pie Maker Apple Pie

These legendary pies taste just like the ones grandma used to make.

$12.97 / Available April 6

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Norwegian CrispbreadsCourtesy merchant

Norwegian Crispbreads

Loaded with seeds and grains, top these crispbreads with a little cheese for a healthy afternoon snack.

$2.55 / Available April 13

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Gluten Free OreosCourtesy merchant

Nabisco Gluten-Free Oreos

These gluten-free Oreos taste just like the real deal.

$3.65 / Available April 13

Psst…Do you know how to eat an Oreo the right way?

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Dinobuddies NuggetsCourtesy merchant

Dino-Shaped Chicken Nuggets

You might tell the checkout clerk they’re “for the kids,” but there’s no shame if they’re actually for you.

$9.99 / Available April 20

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Funnel Cake KitCourtesy merchant

Baker’s Corner Funnel Cake Kit

Bring the flavors of the county fair home with this easy-to-use funnel cake kit.

$2.99 / Available April 22

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Nashville Hot Chicken Kettle ChipsCourtesy merchant

Clancy’s Nashville Hot Chicken Kettle Chips

If you love the fiery flavor of Nashville hot chicken, these kettle chips are for you.

$1.66 / Available April 22

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Frozen Dog TreatsCourtesy merchant

Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream

Because Fido deserves a frozen treat every once in a while, too.

$3.49 / Available April 22

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Frozen BananasCourtesy merchant

Sundae Shoppe Milk Chocolate Frozen Bananas

There’s always money in the banana stand!

$3.49 / Available April 22

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Sparkling LemonadeCourtesy merchant

Nature’s Nectar Sparkling French Lemonade

Bring a little taste of France to wherever you are with this refreshing beverage.

$2.69 / Available April 22

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Fried Pickle Ranch ChipsCourtesy merchant

Clancy’s Fried Pickle Ranch Potato Chips

Aldi never fails to find something for pickle lovers!

$1.69 / Available April 22

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Cinnamon Sugar ChurrosCourtesy merchant

Cinnamon Sugar Churros

Be sure to make a batch of Mexican chocolate dip to enjoy with these crispy churros.

$3.49 / Available April 27

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Mothers Day Cheese CollectionCourtesy merchant

Mother’s Day Cheese Collection

Who needs flowers when you have cheese? Look for cheddar and Wensleydale cheese with strawberry and Prosecco.

$3.99 / Available April 27

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Street Taco Meal KitCourtesy merchant

Street Taco Meal Kits

Make Taco Tuesday easier than ever with one of these street taco meal kits.

$9.99 / Available April 27

Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.