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17 Brand-New Finds That Are Coming to Aldi in April

This month's list of Aldi Finds includes food from Germany, Norway and Mexico. Let's go on a culinary journey!

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Dill Pickle Hummus

This hummus is for anyone obsessed with dill pickles.

$1.95 / Available April 7

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aldi finds Europeanmustard WholegrainCourtesy Aldi

Deutsche Küche European Mustards

Because grilling season is right around the corner! You can find European mustard in Whole Grain, Sweet Bavarian and Austrian Beer flavors.

$1.69 / Available April 7

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aldi finds Dk Indulgent Cakes DonauwelleCourtesy Aldi

Deutsche Küche Indulgent Cake

The product is literally called “Indulgent Cake,” so you know it has to be good. We’re here for the Chocolate Cherry flavor.

$3.49 / Available April 7

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Baker’s Corner Funnel Cake Kit

Bring the flavors of the county fair home with this easy-to-use funnel cake kit.

$2.69 / Available April 9

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Keto Friendly Buns

Following a keto diet? Step away from the lettuce “buns” and use these low-carb, high-protein buns for your next cookout instead.

$3.49 / Available April 9

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The Cheesecake Factory Mix-In Desserts

These individual pudding desserts will satisfy any sweet tooth. Look for both Creme Brulee and Cafe Mocha varieties!

$1.69 / Available April 14

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aldi finds Sg Spiced Almonds GochujangCourtesy Aldi

Southern Grove Almonds

If you like your snacks hot and spicy, be sure to add these almonds to your cart.

$4.69 / Available April 14

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aldi finds Sps Espresso Beans Dark ChocolateCourtesy Aldi

Dark Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Chocolate and espresso = the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

$2.99 / Available April 21

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aldi finds Yum Dinobuddies Glutenfree VertCourtesy Aldi

Dino-Shaped Chicken Nuggets

You might tell the checkout clerk they’re “for the kids,” but there’s no shame in your game if they’re actually for you.

$4.29/ Available April 21

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aldi finds Sc Veggie Puffs Broccoli CheeseCourtesy Aldi

Veggie Puffs

These potato-free puffs provide a full serving of vegetables. Pick them up as a side dish or as a tasty topper for your next hot dish.

$2.99 / Available April 21

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aldi finds 702779 Sps Norwegian Crispbreads Everything 600Courtesy Aldi

Norwegian Crispbreads

Loaded with seeds and grains, top these crispbreads with a little cheese for a healthy afternoon snack.

$2.49 / Available April 21

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aldi finds Cm Churros CinnamonCourtesy Aldi

Cinnamon Sugar Churros

Be sure to make a batch of Mexican chocolate dip to enjoy these crispy churros.

$3.29 / Available April 28

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aldi finds Btn Churro Sandwich Creme 3qCourtesy Aldi

Churro Sandwich Creme Cookies

Can’t decide between churros or churro-flavored cookies? Grab both!

$1.95 / Available April 28

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aldi finds Sps Brunch Gift PackCourtesy Aldi

Brunch Gift Pack

Capture the flavors of a brunch cocktail with this giftable fruit spread set.

$6.99 / Available April 28

Psst . . . these are our top brunch recipes.

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aldi finds Emp Mothers Day Cheese Mature CheddarCourtesy Aldi

Mother’s Day Cheese Collection

Who needs flowers when you can have cheese? Available in Mature Cheddar and Wensleydale Cheese with Strawberry and Prosecco varieties.

$3.99 / Available April 28

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aldi finds Ffm Street Taco Meal Kits ShrimpCourtesy Aldi

Street Taco Meal Kits

Make Taco Tuesday easier than ever with one of these street taco meal kits.

$9.99 / Available April 28

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aldi finds Mcz Pizza My Heart CheeseCourtesy Aldi

Heart-Shaped Cheese Pizza

Baking someone a pizza is a nice gesture. But picking up a heart-shaped pizza? That’s true love!

$4.99 / Available April 28

Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.
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