This Genius Pizza Storage Container Expands to Stack Leftover Slices

This humble pizza storage container is taking TikTok by storm, creating much-needed fridge space and keeping pizza fresh.

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In my house, pizza is pretty much its own food group. Although we have all the accouterments that pizza enthusiasts should own, like pizza cutters and other must-have pizza tools, we’ve always been a little lacking in the “storing the leftover pizza” department. We often smoosh slices into too-small plastic storage containers or—gasp—place the entire box in the fridge and hope for the best.

When the next day arrives, the pizza is soggy, dry or altogether inedible at times, which is a huge bummer if the leftovers are from a beloved pizza brand. But thanks to Pizza Pack’s brilliant pizza storage container—which was featured on Shark Tank and is rapidly making the rounds on social media—our pizza woes can finally come to an end.

What is a pizza storage container?

Simply put? It’s an expandable storage container that’s specially designed to stack slices so that pesky pizza box won’t take up room in your refrigerator. (I don’t have any experience with that, *wink*).

Completely adjustable with five convenient microwavable serving trays, this super-handy reusable pizza storage container features an airtight lid with a vacuum seal, perfect for keeping your slices fresh—something that tin foil or a pizza box can’t achieve. Stash up to five slices in a condensation-free environment, thanks to an optional air vent. And those divider trays are oh-so helpful if you can’t stand facing those stuck-together slices the next day.

Also, it accommodates pizza sizes up to 18 inches—so, as the brand recommends, if your slices come in larger than that, simply trim them down a bit for a perfect fit. Plus, if color choices are your thing, you should know that this pizza storage container comes in six different hues, and you can purchase a pack of up to five.

The only downside? Well, if you buy just one pizza storage container and you have more than five slices, you may have to resort to your old ways of storing pizza for the additional pieces. And, as mentioned, if you’re big on XL, New York style-slices, trimming them down can be a hassle.

Pizza Pack specs: 

  • Saves fridge space
  • Adjustable and fits up to five slices
  • Microwave- and dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free, food-grade silicone
  • Airtight lid with vacuum seal for maximum freshness
  • Optional air vent to prevent soggy slices
  • Includes five pizza plates

How to Use a Pizza Storage Container

Using the reusable pizza storage container is as easy as using any other food storage container. Simply remove the lid, extend the container and start stacking! If desired, layer a pizza plate in between each slice to prevent the toppings from sticking together.

If you’re more of a visual learner, head over to TikTok. In a video with millions of views, HeatherCoxzzz demonstrates how she packs up leftover slices using the pizza storage container. She adds that each divider can be used as a plate, since they’re microwaveable, and that packing up a pizza lunch for her husband is so much easier.

@heathercoxzzz Husband’s Lunch Pizza: @Pizza Hut #theperfectpizzapack #worklunch #lunchtime #lunchformyhusband #lunch #leftoverpizza #husbandlunch #husbandlunche ♬ Pizza – Mention Taylor Jackson

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Now that this surprisingly ingenious pizza storage container has started to go viral on social media, it’s no wonder that it currently has nearly 1,000 ratings on Amazon. At 4.4 stars, people are loving it, and the reviews prove it.

Amazon reviewer Rebecca Collins loves it for its eco-friendly qualities and prefers it over tin foil. “I’ve been on a mission to reduce single-use products in my kitchen,” she says. “We eat pizza a couple times a month, and previously stored the leftovers wrapped in foil. I know that aluminum foil is recyclable, so it’s not the biggest win in that regard. But I like everyday reminders of reducing waste, and I think the best product swaps are the ones that feel like upgrades.”

S.D. Bower describes this product as “a lot of storage in a small space,” saying, “I like this a lot, it takes up less room (whether in the refrigerator or in cabinet) and works nicely. Those old containers will go out with recycling next week!”

And danielle r. sums it up perfectly: “If you eat a lot of pizza in your house, like we do, it’s a necessity.”

Where to Buy a Pizza Storage Container

The Perfect Pizza Pack Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Ordering a reusable pizza storage container is just as easy as dialing in for your favorite ‘za. Pick one up on Amazon or Walmart.

So, what’s on my pizza to-do list these days? First: Learn how to properly reheat it. Second: Bite the bullet on the fancy pizza ovens I’ve been eyeing, like the fan favorite Ooni pizza oven. And third: Immediately buy a reusable pizza storage container. Leftovers have never looked so good!

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