Take Summer Drinks Over the Rainbow with This Floating Inflatable Bar  

What's better than a pool day? A pool day where your favorite drinks and snacks are floating right next to you in an inflatable bar.

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Somewhere over the rainbow is everything you need for the ultimate beach or pool day. And at the top of that list? This inflatable rainbow bar, aka your new summer essential. Colorful and cute, this fan-favorite float lets you stock up on your go-to bites and drinks—and keep them within arm’s reach as you enjoy a day on the water. Plus, it’ll fit right in with your other fun pool floats.

What is an inflatable rainbow bar?

Making your sunny days even sunnier, the inflatable bar is shaped like a rainbow arching over a white fluffy cloud. The cloud contains five cup holders (they hold average-sized cans, like these canned wines) and one large chest in the center that you can stock with ice, pool snacks, bottles and whatever else screams “pool day.”

As charming as it is, the inflatable bar is also durable, and can handle a few waves when the party games pick up. It’s also won loyal followers for being able to withstand higher temperatures. In fact, you don’t even need to have a pool to get in on the fun. It can serve as a centerpiece on your patio table so you don’t have to drag a heavy cooler outside.

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How to Use an Inflatable Rainbow Bar

Because fun shouldn’t have to wait, the rainbow bar inflates quickly. You can use either an electric pump or a hand pump, or a hair dryer on cool. The valve system keeps air tightly locked inside and prevents leaks. Just be sure to not over-inflate it, especially on hot days, to prevent potential damage.

Once it’s ready, you can stock it up with whatever you want to sip or snack on (we’re fans of these nonalcoholic cocktails). The central chest isn’t insulated, so some reviewers recommending lining it with foil to keep the ice frozen for longer or nestling in a cooler. If you’re spending the day on dry land, you can also set up the inflatable bar in your backyard.

When the party is over, the rainbow deflates quickly, so you can fold it up and put it away for the next pool day.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

The inflatable bar has drawn rave reviews from shoppers for its versatility, sturdiness and ease of use.

“We have an above ground pool without a deck, nowhere really to put our stuff. This is a perfect solution,” writes five-star-reviewer, Marshall. “I put my phone in a dry box and set it on this float. I keep my sunscreen, my waterproof speaker, chapstick, snacks, all in the middle and then of course drinks in the DEEP cup holders, no tipping or spilling! I love this float! Highly recommend!”

AJ, another five-star reviewer, writes, “This was absolutely the perfect centerpiece for our rainbow birthday party! Easy to inflate, kept ice/drinks well, did not leak water or condensation on the tablecloth. And so adorable!”

“Bought this over two years ago, and it is still going strong!” says verified buyer, Pat & Cat. “I use this thing all the time and take it everywhere I go where I am swimming. Probably going to buy a second one just to keep in the box in case something ever happens to this one. I love it that much!”

Where to Buy the Inflatable Rainbow Bar

Inflatable Bar VIA MERCHANT

The inflatable bar can be purchased on Amazon for just $20. Whether you’re throwing a pool party or enjoying a sunny day solo, the inflatable bar is your personal butler and bartender all summer long.

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