How to Put on a Duvet Cover

Updated: Jan. 21, 2022

Once you learn how to put on a duvet cover with this simple trick, you'll never look back again!

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Duvet covers can be tricky to maneuver. (Don’t even get me started with fitted or flat sheets.) After several years of trying to cram my duvet into my duvet cover, I’ve finally discovered a fuss-free trick that I’ve used time and time again.

How to Put on a Duvet Cover

This duvet cover hack goes by an assortment of fun names—like “California roll” or “burrito-style.” Ultimately, this trick is just what it sounds like: Roll your duvet and duvet cover together to easily snap, zip or tie the two together. Follow these seven easy steps to get started (or follow the step-by-step video below if you’re more of a visual learner!).

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1. Purchase the Best Bedding

If you don’t have a duvet cover you’re absolutely in love with, check out some of our editor’s top picks. Personally, I recently bought a linen set from Bed Threads that I absolutely adore. What drew me to Bed Threads was their build-your-bundle package where you can mix and match different colors for your bedding set—from duvet covers to pillowcases! (We went with a mix of sage and white for a clean look.)

2. Turn the Cover Inside Out

Turn the cover inside out and flatten it directly onto your bed. Double-check to make sure the cover’s opening is at the end of the bed.

3. Lay Duvet On Top of the Cover

Place and line up your duvet directly on top of your cover. Then, tie the duvet cover to the duvet.

4. Roll the Duvet and Cover Together

Roll tightly together—burrito-style—to the end of the bed. Make sure to keep both lined up from the start to ensure easy rolling.

5. Invert Cover Opening at the Ends

Here’s the trickiest part. Invert the duvet cover over the end of your duvet so the duvet tucks inside the cover. Then, attach the duvet cover to the duvet by tieing, buttoning or zipping it up.

6. Unroll and You’re Done!

Now, all you have to do is unroll! Unroll and flatten your finished duvet on top of your top sheet and other bedding. Decorate with pillows and enjoy your cozy duvet.