This Is How to Tuck in a Flat Sheet to Create Tight Corners

Now that's a sharp corner!

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It’s that time to freshen up your living space and tackle that spring cleaning checklist! Whether you’ve got a cozy studio apartment or a five-bedroom house full of energetic kiddos, it’s always nice to come back to a clean home. Perhaps that means tidying up your pantry or trying to clean your dishwasher inside and out. It can be incredibly satisfying to finish a cleaning project, too.

Let’s tackle the bedrooms first. Let me ask…do you know how to tuck in your bed sheets properly? If you struggle with this, fear not—we’ve got just the hack for you!

Here’s How to Make Those Amazing Bed Corners

We thank TikTok user @vanesamaro91 for this superb bed-making trick. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping your sheets nice and tight around the corners of your bed, you’re not alone. All that extra fabric just seems to bunch up and look really clunky. No thanks!

But now we’ve got just the hack you need. Here’s how she does it:

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First, after you’ve spread your flat sheet on your bed, go to the corner and grab the excess fabric. Then, grab the corner itself and fold inward, creating a triangle shape overall. Imagine you’re folding the edge of a Christmas present—it’s the same idea!

The next step is to keep the folded corner portion flush against the bed as you bring the tip of the triangle down. Now all you need to do is tuck the triangle under your bed and suddenly you’ve got a crisp, clean military edge.

You can never have enough cleaning help! Don’t forget these simple but clever spring cleaning hacks.

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