How to Make Burrata at Home

With fresh mozzarella curd, heavy cream and salt, you can learn how to make burrata cheese in your own kitchen.

Burrata is a luscious fresh Italian cheese seen on cheese boards and atop salads at stylish restaurants. Essentially, burrata is a shell of mozzarella encasing a filling of stracciatella, which is fresh cream mixed with bits of mozzarella. It’s solid on the outside and oozy and creamy when you cut into it.

To make burrata, you start with fresh mozzarella curd. You’ll use most of the mozzarella to form the shell of the burrata and about a quarter of your total amount to make the filling.

If you want to do the whole process from scratch and make your own mozzarella too, you’ll need fresh pasteurized milk (not ultra-pasteurized), citric acid, rennet and salt, plus a pot to hold 1 gallon of milk, a heatproof bowl, a thermometer and a large knife. New England Cheesemaking Supply has an easy-to-follow recipe for making mozzarella from scratch.

Or, begin your burrata-making process by buying fresh mozzarella curd from a local cheesemaker or online at a creamy like Caputo Brothers. Alternatively, if there’s a local store or restaurant that stretches their own mozzarella, ask if you can buy some unstretched mozzarella curd.

Once you have your mozzarella curd, you just need heavy cream and salt to form your burrata. Read on for how to make burrata at home.

Burrata Cheese Recipe

This recipe makes 1 large burrata ball.


  • 3/4 pound fresh mozzarella curd
  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • Salt


Step 1: Make the stracciatella (burrata filling)

burrataAnna Thomas Bates for Taste of Home

First, prep the mozzarella curd for stretching. In a heatproof bowl, add 1/4 pound of fresh mozzarella curd, enough boiling water to cover the curd and a generous amount of salt (like you’re salting pasta water).

Stir and press the curds together until they start forming a solid mass. Monitor the water to make sure it doesn’t get too cool. If you can leave your hands in it comfortably, it’s too cool—add more hot water. Once the curds have massed, put on gloves (or dip your hands in cold water), and begin stretching and folding the curd. Keep going until the curd is smooth and glossy and doesn’t have any tears.

Pull the mass into a long rope, then tear the rope into strings or pieces. Put these pieces in a small bowl and add the cream and salt to taste. Set aside.

Step 2: Make the mozzarella shell

Add the rest of the curd (1/2 pound) into your bowl, along with more boiling water and salt. Follow the same instructions as above until the curds are smooth and glossy. Then, instead of pulling the mass into a rope, make a 6-inch disk that is thicker in the middle and a bit thinner on the edges. If the cheese rips at any point, just plunge it back into the hot water and reshape.

Step 3: Stuff the burrata

burrata shellAnna Thomas Bates for Taste of Home

The easiest way to stuff your burrata is to put the mozzarella disk in a small, deep bowl. Spoon the creamy stracciatella filling into the center, then pull the sides of the mozzarella shell up until they meet at the top. Pinch tightly to seal. Dipping the pinched end back in the hot water will help seal the cheese. And that’s it! You’ve made burrata. You can use it to make burrata toast, a quick appetizer.

Tips for Making Burrata

burrataAnna Thomas Bates for Taste of Home

Can I make burrata cheese without mozzarella curd?

While you cannot make the mozzarella shell of burrata without curd, you can easily make the decadent stracciatella filling with store-bought fresh mozzarella. Pull apart the fresh mozzarella into small stringy pieces, then stir together with heavy cream, mascarpone or ricotta. Add salt if needed. Serve the stracciatella on bread or pizza or dolloped over crisp greens or roasted vegetables. Here are a few tips for making burrata pasta.

How do I eat burrata cheese?

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When it comes to how to eat burrata, you have a lot of options. Make it the star of your cheese board with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or olive oil (or both). For an impressive salad, grill seasonal produce and top with burrata, like in this grilled nectarines with burrata and honey recipe. Or try a prosciutto, pear, peach burrata salad. and burrata salad.

Fried burrata with a smoky, sweet romesco sauce makes a delicious dip.

The creamy filling can be spread on toast that’s been drizzled with olive oil. Add tomatoes, fresh basil and a light sprinkle of sea salt for a classic burrata pairing. For something extra fun and perfect for hosting, jump on the burrata board trend.

How do I store burrata cheese?

Burrata is best enjoyed fresh. After making the burrata, place it in a container of salted water and store for up to 5 days in the fridge.