Costco Is Bringing Churros Back to Its Food Courts

The famous Costco churro is back, with a twist!

If you’ve ever shopped at Costco, you know the highlight of the trip is stopping for snacks in the food court. The star of the show in recent years has been the crunchy, oversized $1 churros.

Unfortunately, Costco’s food courts have been closed for a while due to the pandemic and with that, the churros disappeared.

But we have good news…

Costco Churros Are Back!

After almost a year without these crispy treats, we were thrilled when @CostcoBuys shared a “Coming Soon” sign on Instagram:

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The cinnamon sugar-coated sweets have had a makeover—the original churros were covered in straight grooves, but the new churros are twisted. Even thought we don’t think these churros will make it past the car ride home (most of the food courts are still closed for in-store dining), the new design has us thinking of all the delicious dipping sauces these treats could be dunked in: dulce de leche, Mexican chocolate sauce, salted caramel and so many more.

Why Are These Churros SO Good?

A churro is a fried dough snack that looks like a long breadstick coated in sweet cinnamon sugar. Since they first appeared, Costco churros grew a huge fan base. The flaky churros were humongous and freshly made. Sold as singles for just $1, these churros were extra-crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside. Which is why you can understand the disappointment when they disappeared from the menu.

Where Have They Been Spotted?

While the sign doesn’t tell us when exactly they’ll be back, we know two things for sure. The churros will now cost $1.49 instead of $1 and they’ve recently been spotted in California. Our best advice? Keep checking your local food court, because it seems like these tasty snacks will be back on the menu any day now.

Don’t have a Costco near you? Here’s how to make Disney’s official churro recipe at home.

Lauren Naru
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