We Tested the Top Kitchen Surface Erasers—Here’s Which One Worked Best

Updated: Dec. 06, 2023

Grimy tile? Dirty stovetop? Less-than-perfect vintage Pyrex? We found the tool to take care of all these, and we discovered why it's called a Magic Eraser.

Ever look at a stubborn stain or grimy surface and wonder how on earth you’ll clean it? I do this all the time. I find myself asking What’s the best tool for cleaning grout? How do I get those scuffs off my wall? And most especially, How do I clean vintage Pyrex?

As an avid collector, this last question is a big one for me. I want something that’s tough enough to get rid of those stubborn spots and stains, but nothing so aggressive that it will ruin my latest rummage sale find. It turns out that the solution to all my most pressing cleaning questions—vintage Pyrex included—lies in one product: a kitchen surface spot eraser.

You may know these as Magic Erasers. These trusty sponges are just the thing to buff away stains and scuffs. However, you’ll find more erasers out there than just the magic ones. Is one eraser more magical than another? Does one brand scrub up Pyrex better? What about marks on my walls? What about an embarrassingly dirty stovetop?

Of course, we at Taste of Home had to find out. Our editors put all the surface stain erasers we could find to the test. Here’s what you should be buying for the best clean.

The Best Kitchen Surface Eraser: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen

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Is it any surprise that the biggest name in the surface stain eraser game is the original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? Our testers loved how both the classic formula and the kitchen option (just like the classic but with a layer of Dawn dish soap in the center) managed to tackle all kinds of messes.

Both erasers removed everyday scuffs, colored pencil and crayon from walls—parents, this is a handy tool to keep at home. They also removed grease and soap scum from kitchen and bathroom tile. Vintage Pyrex dishes were also buffed clean with a little help from a Magic Eraser. Testers were especially impressed, though, when the Magic Eraser cleaned up a messy stovetop. Here was where the Magic Eraser Kitchen formula with Dawn came in extra handy.

In fact, that little bit of Dawn went a long way in making dirty surfaces look just a little bit cleaner. That’s why we give Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen the honor of Best Loved Brand (though, the classic is also great!).

$10.60 for a package of eight; available at retailers nationwide.

More Erasers That Work Like Magic

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Brillo Erase & Wipe with Estracell

We recommend Brillo Erase & Wipe for its unique shape. This prism-shaped sponge allowed our testers to clean those small crevices that tend to get dirty fast—we’re talking grout, the edge along your sink and all your favorite small appliances. The sponge side also made wiping residue away simple.

The only drawback to this product was that it deteriorated quickly when scrubbing the stovetop. For milder messes, though, Brillo will do just fine.

$7.95 for a package of two; available at most retailers nationwide.

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Scotch-Brite Easy Eraser 

Same goes for Scotch-Brite Easy Eraser. This surface eraser did a great job cleaning up scuffs, tile and mild Pyrex stains. The oversized, almost plush eraser was especially helpful when cleaning up large surfaces like backsplashes and walls. The sponge on the reverse side of the Easy Eraser was also great for removing left-behind grime.

Like the Brillo Erase & Wipe, though, the Scotch-Brite Easy Eraser couldn’t quite get the stovetop clean without falling apart. However, it still did well cleaning up our more regular messes.

$15.82 for a package of three; available at retailers nationwide.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to mild scuffs and stains—like the ones you find on my favorite Pyrex finds—any surface eraser will do. Every brand we tested did well when it came to lighter scrubbing and everyday cleaning.

However, if you want the most cleaning power from your eraser, we at Taste of Home have to recommend the original: the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Both the classic and kitchen versions of this product held up to the most wear and tear. Scuffed and marked up walls? Like new. Spotty Pyrex? Looked great after a buffing. The dirtiest stovetop? Spotless. Sometimes the original is best at conquering the biggest messes.

More Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Since our favorite erasers work like magic, it’s easy to find ways to use them all around the house. Our editors certainly made use of their erasers, trying all kinds of cleaning methods. Their favorite trick, though? Simply cutting the erasers into smaller shapes to suit certain surfaces. Dealing with crevices like grout? Cut the eraser into a wedge shape. Have a tiny scuff? Don’t waste the whole eraser—just cut off a corner.

You can also boost the eraser’s power by pairing it with your favorite dish soap or all-purpose cleaner. Whatever you do, be sure to check out our favorite cleaning tips in the video.

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