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8 Clever Ways to Store Your Silverware

Having a plain ol' drawer for silverware storage may be the usual solution—but we've got other ideas!

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Everything Old Is New Again

You can use a loaf pan for more than baked goods. Grab three or four vintage loaf pans ($38) for forks, knives, spoons and other odds n’ ends. This nostalgic look is so perfect when you’re making something from Grandma’s cookbook.

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Upright is Alright

Do you have an extra-deep pocket drawer—or extra counter space? Then vertical is best! Store your forks and spoons standing up in a flatware organizer ($10) for easy access. (You’ll be able to use this to hold utensils for guests at your next potluck, too.)

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Upcycle Your Look

A vintage wood look is so chic! You can DIY an organizer from a shipping pallet or use something like this rustic caddy ($24). Leave it right on the counter for quick access. (It’s also perfect to set out for a family dinner or party.)

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Make a Custom Divider

In oddly-shaped spaces, stashing the silverware can be a challenge. Instead of dealing with a pre-made divider that’s either way too small or too big, purchase individual dividers ($15) and create your own custom solution. For a pop of color, layer the bottom of the drawer with decorative contact paper.

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Have Some Fun

Don’t hide the forks away—bring attention to your utensils with a gorgeous crock. It’s a splurge for sure, whether you pick up something crafty on Etsy or invest in Le Creuset utensil crocks ($30), but we’re lovin’ the look!

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Share the Space

I have a designated drawer at home where my silverware and cooking utensils live together—organized sometimes, but not always! I use a bamboo organizer ($22) to best share the space.

(For more kitchen storage ideas, see the Taste of Home staff’s best tricks.)

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Mason Jars to the Rescue!

From canning your favorite foods to holding a fresh bouquet, is there anything mason jars can’t do? They make a great stash option for your silverware, too. Pick up basic glass jars ($19) or check Goodwill or garage sales for more colorful vintage options.

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Use Your Wall Space

Do you have a super-small kitchen with barely any countertops or drawers? I hear you! Use your wall to hang holders for your silverware ($13). This space-saving solution keeps your silverware handy, and can be used to store your essential kitchen tools, too.

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Kizmet Byrd
Kizmet Byrd is an enthusiastic home cook, decorator, and crafter of beautiful things. She is owner of Mattie Mae Company, which specializes in easy to make recipes, decorating ideas, and home organization tips. Her recipes have appeared in Taste of Home Magazine, The Journal Gazette, Lincoln Financial IAO Cookbook, and other publications. Byrd is well versed in everyday home lifestyle needs, foodie trends, kitchen hacks, and blogs about food adventures. Having roots based in Northeastern Illinois and Indiana; she is inspired by the changing seasons, festivals, thrift shop finds, farmer's markets, and that good old Midwest hospitality. She contributes to Taste of Home Magazine as a Volunteer Field Editor and as a Content Writer, with an emphasis on cooking and baking. Coffee is her spirit animal. Instructing culinary classes brings her joy. Food is her passion.