8 Clever Ways to Store Your Silverware

Updated: Jan. 31, 2022

Having a plain ol' drawer for silverware storage may be the usual solution—but we've got other ideas!

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Everything Old Is New Again

You can use a loaf pan for more than baked goods. Grab three or four vintage loaf pans ($38) for forks, knives, spoons and other odds n’ ends. This nostalgic look is so perfect when you’re making something from Grandma’s cookbook.

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Upright is Alright

Do you have an extra-deep pocket drawer—or extra counter space? Then vertical is best! Store your forks and spoons standing up in a flatware organizer ($10) for easy access. (You’ll be able to use this to hold utensils for guests at your next potluck, too.)

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Upcycle Your Look

A vintage wood look is so chic! You can DIY an organizer from a shipping pallet or use something like this rustic caddy ($24). Leave it right on the counter for quick access. (It’s also perfect to set out for a family dinner or party.)

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Make a Custom Divider

In oddly-shaped spaces, stashing the silverware can be a challenge. Instead of dealing with a pre-made divider that’s either way too small or too big, purchase individual dividers ($15) and create your own custom solution. For a pop of color, layer the bottom of the drawer with decorative contact paper.

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Have Some Fun

Don’t hide the forks away—bring attention to your utensils with a gorgeous crock. It’s a splurge for sure, whether you pick up something crafty on Etsy or invest in Le Creuset utensil crocks ($30), but we’re lovin’ the look!

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Share the Space

I have a designated drawer at home where my silverware and cooking utensils live together—organized sometimes, but not always! I use a bamboo organizer ($22) to best share the space.

(For more kitchen storage ideas, see the Taste of Home staff’s best tricks.)

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Mason Jars to the Rescue!

From canning your favorite foods to holding a fresh bouquet, is there anything mason jars can’t do? They make a great stash option for your silverware, too. Pick up basic glass jars ($19) or check Goodwill or garage sales for more colorful vintage options.

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Use Your Wall Space

Do you have a super-small kitchen with barely any countertops or drawers? I hear you! Use your wall to hang holders for your silverware ($13). This space-saving solution keeps your silverware handy, and can be used to store your essential kitchen tools, too.

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