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12 Personalized Wedding Gifts for the Newlyweds’ Kitchen

The best kitchen wedding gifts will make cooking together even better!

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Wedding gifts aren’t always the easiest to find—especially when it comes to choosing tools for a newlywed couple’s kitchen. You don’t want to be that person who accidentally buys them a second toaster oven, right? Opt for one of these personalized wedding gifts instead.

Newlyweds never think to add these important items to their registry.

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Mini Cutting Boardvia

Mini Cutting Board

If we’re being honest, a bamboo cutting board (or one of these beauties) is stunning all on its own. But this personalized mini cutting board ($38) beautifully showcases the married couple’s first and last names, as well as the date of their ceremony. An elegant pattern that centers the engraved text makes it even more special.

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Recipe Boxvia

Recipe Box

It doesn’t get much cuter than this engraved recipe box ($32), which turns a newlywed couple’s first names into a recipe for love. There’s also a ton of room inside for the bride and groom’s combined family recipes—and all of the new ones to come.

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Tea Towelvia

Tea Towel

This sweet and playful Mr. and Mrs. flour sack tea towel ($14) sports an old-fashioned car, which displays the year that the couple got hitched on the license plate. The pops of pastel and versatile font will look great in any newlyweds’ kitchen.

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Wine Glass Setvia

Wine Glass Set

This Mr. and Mrs. ‘Always Right’ wine glass set ($22) certainly breathes new life into the old saying, “happy wife, happy life.” And we all know there’s a newlywed couple out there who will love drinking out of these stemless wine glasses.

Yes, the shape of your wine glass matters. Here’s why.

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Matching Apronsvia

Matching Aprons

Kick a night of cooking dinner together up a few notches with this fun His and Hers apron set ($20), complete with pockets, adjustable neck straps and fade-proof material. Each apron can be customized to add the year the pair wed.

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Wooden Utensilsvia

Wooden Utensils

Newlyweds can show off their new family name with this engraved utensil set ($11), precision cut and sanded by hand. The set comes with six wooden cooking utensils that can be personalized to the newlyweds’ liking,

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High quality cork mats are a no-brainer—they’re easy to clean, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. When you opt for this personalized cork cottage placemat set ($37), you can choose from a variety of newlywed themes and sayings, then add on the couple’s names.

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Oven Mittsvia

Oven Mitts

These personalized oven mitts ($22) offer a sweet message for the new bride and groom to see every time they cook a meal for two in their kitchen.

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Coaster Setvia

Coaster Set

Coasters are a staple for any kitchen and living space in general (unless you enjoy those cringe-worthy rings that mugs and cups leave behind on your table). This custom engraved wedding coaster set ($16) is made of slate, making them super absorbent and practical. Engrave the newlyweds’ name and wedding date for a special touch.

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Serving Plattervia

Serving Platter

If the newlyweds you’re buying for are minimalists who enjoy a plain-and-simple approach, this Mr. and Mrs. decorative wood platter ($50) could not be any more perfect. The sturdy serving tray contains a handle for easy storage, and can be engraved to showcase the couple’s names.

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Cookie Jarvia

Cookie Jar

New partners will love storing freshly baked goods and treats in this personalized cookie jar ($28). It’s one of the unique weddings gifts that couples don’t think to register for.

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Coffee Mug Setvia

Coffee Mug Set

A big part of married life is learning to appreciate the little things, like enjoying each other’s company while sipping your morning coffee. (Here’s our favorite brand.) Gifting this Mr. and Mrs. mug set ($25) will make that experience even sweeter—it comes with two mugs with the newlyweds’ names, as well as their ceremony date.

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