14 Healthy Snacks to Buy This Year, According to an RD

Updated: Jun. 07, 2023

The year 2020 has changed the face of snacking and food developers are listening. In 2022, the top healthy snacks to buy are plant-forward, loaded with probiotics and packed with protein.

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Love Beets with Balsamic Vinegar

This adorable pack of Love Beets is ready to eat as a snack, atop a salad or sliced on your sandwich. Beets contain betaine, a substance that has been found to help treat depression. Beets are also noteworthy for blood pressure control benefits and popular among athletes.

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Pan’s Zesty Thai Mushroom Jerky

Vitamin D is all the rage right now! Opt for this umami-powered snack bite to help you meet your daily needs. Made with shiitake mushrooms, Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is plant-based, vegan and high in fiber. It’s also paleo-friendly, gluten free and made with organic ingredients.

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Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie

This high protein, high fiber treat is a powerhouse option your body will thank you for. Each Complete Cookie weighs in with 16g of protein and 10g of fiber to create a treat meant to fuel any pre- or post-workout snack. Don’t miss our roundup of the best post-workout recipes, too.

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Gut Happy Cookies

Gut Happy Cookies boast digestive benefits and are packed with both prebiotics and probiotics. These high fiber breakfast biscuits are grain free and will nourish your gut, boost your good gut bacteria and leave you feeling, well, uplifted!

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Ellenos Yogurt

This yogurt is made with milk sourced directly from a local farmer, and the brand’s fruit purees are made in-house from whole food ingredients. In other words, you’ll understand every ingredient that’s on the label. Reviewers on Amazon are obsessed with the Ellenos Marionberry flavor.

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Siggi’s Vanilla Skyr with Almond Butter

This skyr, aka Icelandic yogurt, comes with a side of creamy almond butter that’s ready to pour in. Each cup has 19g of protein and only 10g of total sugars. You have to see our full list of high protein snacks, too!

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ReGrained SuperGrain Puffs

ReGrained uses spent grains leftover from making beer to create an upcycled snack. The SuperGrain puffs have more fiber and fewer calories than standard potato chips, plus they’re baked instead of fried. You can eat more than one or two puffs, too—each 100-calorie serving size is a whopping 39 pieces!

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Barnana Peanut Butter Dipped Banana Bites

The original Barnana plaintain chips are a salty, crunchy snack that’s hard to resist. But the Barnana banana bites might be ever better. The bites are made from bananas that were deemed too imperfect to sell on their own. These dried banana bites pair up with peanut butter to make a delicious and sustainable snack.

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Neptune White Fish Jerky

This wild-caught whitefish jerky is sourced sustainably off the West Coast. The jerky comes in multiple flavors and is a great way to deliver a healthy dose of protein—and fill you up. Each serving has 290mg of healthy omega-3s and 10g of protein.

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Chloe’s Frozen Oat Milk Pops

Reach into the freezer section for these frozen oat milk treats. The bars are free from the top 8 allergens, along with artificial flavors and colors. This one is still an indulgent treat—but it’s a good upgrade from whatever’s in the neighborhood ice cream truck.

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Brass Roots Sacha Inchi Seeds

The sacha inchi plant is native to Peru, and its seeds are packed with protein, fiber and omega-3s. Brass Roots sacha inchi seeds will satisfy your salty-crunchy cravings while nourishing the brain and heart. Brass Roots also has an inspiring mission, and works with low income and homeless youth in New Orleans.

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Nana Joes Granola Bars

Registered dietitian Sarah Koszyk recommends these Nana Joes bars as a sweet snack or mini breakfast on the go. They are vegan, gluten free and grain free to accommodate people with food allergies. The chocolaty richness from the cocoa nibs seals the deal here!

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Uncle Matt’s Organic Ultimate Immune Juice

If you like to sip snacks, then get a whopping nutrition boost with Uncle Matt’s juice. It’s made with organic orange juice and elderberry to pack in all kinds of immune-supporting nutrients. Just one glass contains 300% DV of vitamin C, 50% DV of vitamin D and 25% DV of zinc.

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Oikos Pro Fuel

Here’s another snack to drink! The Oikos Pro Fuel drinks blend Greek yogurt with fruit or coffee beans to build and maintain strong muscles and bones. Each serving boasts 25g of protein, too.

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