7 McDonald’s Locations That Don’t Have Traditional Golden Arches

Though iconic, the McDonald's arches are not always golden. Here are fancy McDonald's locations that have adapted the logo's traditional colors and style.

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PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 16: General view of a closed McDonald's restaurant which shows the message "The government requests to close until further notice", at Avenue des Champs Elysees, in the 8th quarter of Paris, as the city imposes emergency measures to combat the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, on March 16, 2020 in Paris, France. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced last Saturday that France must shut shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Due to a sharp increase in the number of cases of the COVID-19 virus declared in Paris and throughout France, several sporting, cultural and festive events have been postponed or cancelled. The epidemic has exceeded 6,500 dead for more than 169,000 infections across the world. During a televised speech dedicated to the coronavirus crisis on March 16, French President, Emmanuel Macron announced that France starts a nationwide lockdown on March 17. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)
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Paris, France

This McDonald’s on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris is only one of two restaurants with white arches. (The other location is in Bruges, Belgium.) The design may not stand out as much as the McDonald’s logo we know and love, but this version definitely blends with the sophisticated Parisian architecture.

The menu in Europe looks a little different, too. Here are a few international eats from McDonald’s that have made it to the U.S.

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Rocklin, California

Though the color scheme of these red arches doesn’t stray too far from the classic red-and-yellow combo, it’s still nontraditional. You can find these arches at the McDonald’s in Rocklin, California, on Sunset Boulevard. If you’re visiting from across the country, keep in mind that although this McDonald’s may look slightly different, it’s still serving up the same delicious menu—including this new Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

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McDonald's Monterey 610 Del Monte Avenue, CaliforniaThis fancy looking McDonald´s is located in Monterey and has got a Drive Thru.Store # 1949
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Monterey, California

Add this McDonald’s to your California road trip! The black arches at this fancy McDonald’s in Monterey, California are a one-of-a-kind design. There are lots of touristy things to see in the Golden State—and of course, an In-N-Out burger to try—but where else are you going to find a McDonald’s with black arches?

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The McDonalds Restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. The city of Sedona didn't want the traditional yellow arches to clash with the natural beauty of the city, so they decided on a turquoise color for the arches. These are the only non-yellow arches in the giant restaurant chain. (Photo by Ted Soqui/Corbis via Getty Images)
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Sedona, Arizona

If you’ve ever been to Sedona, you’ve seen the beautiful red, rocky desert landscape. When plans for new buildings are drafted, they actually have to follow a law that prevents architecture from intruding on the natural scenery. The globally recognized golden arches had to be changed to turquoise to complement the landscape. Here’s more on the reason Sedona’s McDonald’s is turquoise.

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Florida, Winter Haven, McDonald's Hamburgers vintage sign. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Winter Haven, Florida

McDonald’s originally had only one arch! The very first restaurant location opened in 1940. Though the company switched its logo to the golden arches we know in 1968, there are at least 12 restaurants across the country holding on to their retro roots. See what was on the first McDonald’s menu.

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New Hyde Park, New York

Unless you live in New Hyde Park, your local McDonald’s probably isn’t in an 18th-century mansion. Deemed one of the most sophisticated McDonald’s restaurants in the world, this location features a grand staircase and a glassed-in veranda. It even hosts some weddings!

What you won’t find at this “McMansion” are the famed golden arches—which are also missing at other colonial locations, like a McDonald’s in Freeport, Maine, that serves lobster rolls.

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Kristiansand, Norway

In Norway, the golden arches are actually gold. This fancy McDonald’s in Kristiansand, Norway, displays gold letters—on the front of a marble-columned bank. Hop on a flight to Rome to find a similar McDonald’s with gold and marble accents, fountains and seats for over 800.

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