The Best Round Kitchen and Dining Tables

Updated: May 06, 2024

One of the most welcoming pieces of home decor? A round dining table. It's the spot where family and friends can gather for meals, late-night discussions and games. You're about to discover the most beloved place in your house.

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The Best Round Kitchen And Dining TablesDARIA SMITH/TASTE OF HOME

Round dining tables are the ultimate community gathering space. Everyone can talk to each other, food is centrally located no matter where you’re seated (very important) and you can squeeze in additional chairs as needed without putting someone in the corner.

Like all interior design decisions, choosing a round dining table comes down to you and your house. But Crickett Kinser, lead designer at Kitchen Places, praises them for their role in bringing people together. “When you go to a wedding, would you rather sit at a round table where you can talk to everybody, or would you like to sit in a long line?” Crickett asks.

Whether it’s for a breakfast nook or dining room, we dug deep and found the best dining tables for every home.

Sintered Stone Dining Table

Best Overall Round Dining Table

Sintered-Stone Dining Table


  • Features a large lazy Susan, perfect for shared dishes
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Doesn't stain or smudge easily
  • Included chairs are super comfortable
  • Rotating lazy Susan can be removed
  • Gorgeous, elegant look


  • Arrives in extremely heavy boxes
  • Doesn't come with tools

Meet the starlet of the best round dining tables. This round stone dining table boasts a rotating lazy Susan turntable in the center, making it easier than ever to pass the casserole at your next dinner party. The striking-yet-sturdy gold metal base brings an elegant look to any space, as do the included faux leather dining chairs.

Sintered Stone Dining Table
Daria Smith/Taste of Home

While construction is a bit complex—the table is delivered in big, heavy boxes with a lack of tools—once the dining table set is put together it offers serious longevity. It doesn’t stain or smudge easily, and the lazy Susan in the center is removable, offering additional space.

Senior Shopping Editor Daria Smith who tested the table in her own home notes that overall, it’s a “very solid, marble-inspired table that’s worth the money.”

Best Wood Round Dining Table

Providence Round Cerused Oak Dining Table


  • Fits six, but can squeeze in a few extra seats
  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pretty fluted apron details


  • On the pricier side

This oak table constructed from high-quality wood, pays homage to French vintage styles, meaning it’s classic enough to look great in a variety of spaces. Its style plays fairly traditional, but it does have fluted apron details along the edges.

This dining table is beloved by reviewers. While it does err more expensive, the price of furniture is often correlated to its quality and longevity. The initial cost might be higher, but it lasts for a longer period of time.

Dysis Solid Oak Pedestal Dining Table

Best Round Pedestal Dining Table

Dysis Solid Oak Pedestal Dining Table


  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Sturdy, trunk-like base
  • Weighted and sturdy


  • Manufactured wood top

We won’t lie. It was hard to select our favorite pedestal table because there are so many beautiful options on the market. But this one caught our eye for its compelling minimalist design. A trunk-like base is attention-grabbing without overpowering the room, showing off your good taste with just one piece. (Want more than one piece? Check out these dining table sets.)

The table seats six people—hello, dinner party—so there’s plenty of opportunities to show it off and get use out of it. It’s also pretty heavy, so if you have kids, it’s not in any danger of tipping.

Round Glass Dining Table

Best Budget Dining Table

Round Glass Dining Table


  • Great for smaller spaces
  • Very inexpensive
  • Clean, modern look
  • Easy to clean


  • Assembly can be a little confusing
  • Easily shows smudges
  • Not the most durable

Budget shouldn’t restrict style. This little charmer features a glass top and light-colored legs for a look that’s clean and modern. It seats between two and four, so it’s ideal for an apartment or small kitchen. It’s perfect for casual dinners or drinks with friends.

The size does mean that while it fits two table settings, you won’t be able to squeeze much else on there. If you think you might need more space, these extendable dining tables are a good bet.

Fenway Round Dining Table

Best Round Dining Table for Four

Fenway Round Dining Table


  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Not too pricey
  • Trendy mid-century look


  • Requires place mats and coasters to avoid damage
  • Manufactured wood top

It’s classic, it’s elegant, it brings in a hint of mid-century flair and it comes in a variety of finishes—what more could you want? At $500, this round dining table lingers in the happy space of pricing and provides a great addition to your kitchen for dining and playing games.

Compared to a more traditional option, boomerang-style legs add a little extra excitement without being aesthetically heavy-handed. And if you’re leaning into mid-century vibes, these bar carts will help you embrace your Mad Men era.

Outdoor Round Metal Dining Table

Best Outdoor Round Dining Table

Outdoor Round Metal Dining Table


  • Umbrella hole for extra shade
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Less expensive than other options


  • Some reviewers struggled with rust in the rain—they recommend using a protective coating
  • On the smaller side; not ideal if you're planning to host larger groups

If you have outdoor space, it’s almost a requirement that you have an outdoor dining table to take advantage of the fresh air. We love the cross-weave style of this metal one. It adds a little extra visual punch while being subtle and classic enough to accommodate different chairs and decorations.

It comfortably fits between two and four people. Perfect for al fresco dining!

Tulip Table Round

Best Marble Round Dining Table

Tulip Table Round


  • Available in several different sizes so you can customize to your space
  • Made of high-quality, premium white Carrera marble
  • The marble stays white (when maintained properly)


  • It's pricier than other options
  • Marble can be hard to maintain, and the table can stain easily (now's not the time to forget your coasters)

If you’re going to go fancy, you might as well go fancy. This round marble dining table is a bit more of a splurge, but its elegance, durability and quality make it well worth it. It takes its nods from mid-century architecture and its clean lines grant it a little bit of versatility when sliding in with other decor.

The table fits in smaller spaces, and it’s the kind of piece that would inspire us to invite people over just so they can see it. Eating leftovers at this table? You’ll feel like you’re at the latest trendy restaurant. Check out our picks for best dining chairs to pair with your new marble beauty.

Abud Aleem Extendable Trestle Dining Set Ecomm Via

Best Expandable Round Dining Table

Abud-Aleem Extendable Trestle Dining Set


  • Available in two different colors
  • Sturdy table and comfortable chairs
  • Expands to fit more guests
  • Charming farmhouse look


  • Table comes packaged with chairs
  • Some say the assembly is difficult

The best of both worlds: A round dining table for cozy gatherings and family-style dinners and a table that can expand to accommodate more guests. The Abud-Aleem trestle dining set includes not just the table but four upholstered chairs. If you already have dining chairs, repurpose these in offices or spare rooms. The table expands with the help of a removable leaf.

The table has a farmhouse charm and the chairs feel upscale, which can help add some elegance to your dining area without any additional effort.

What to Look for When Buying a Round Dining Table

Really, the best round dining table comes down to you. While evaluating your choices, Crickett says you should consider several main points:

  • Who lives in your house? How old are they? If you’re a parent with little kids running around, you want something durable that can handle smudges (and worse). If you’re an empty nester, maybe you can consider going for something higher-end.
  • What’s your budget? Choose a table that makes sense for how much you want to spend. But remember—upfront cost isn’t everything. Something with a higher price tag could last a lot longer
  • What kind of style do you like, and how will the table fit into that? “Is your style minimalist, maximalist, eclectic?” Crickett asks. “Do you want the table to be a feature, or do you want it to blend in?”
  • How much maintenance are you willing to put in? Marble looks fantastic, but it requires more care, whereas wood is a bit more reliable, and can even look charmingly rustic after a few dents

For larger families or if you like to host, Crickett recommends looking for a 60-inch table.

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How We Found the Best Round Dining Table

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When should you not use a round dining table?

If you’re looking for a large table. The larger a round dining table is, the further away people get, and you lose the intimacy that a smaller round table provides. Unlike a rectangular or square table, you also can’t push round tables as easily up against a wall.

Some people also consider round dining tables less formal, but some of the best round dining tables offer form and functionality.

Do round tables take up less room?

Yes, they can (although it’s all relative). Choosing one of the best round dining tables is a great option if your dining area isn’t that spacious. Compared to a rectangular table of a similar size, round tables have a more square surface area, rather than a long, thin one. That facilitates conversation and activities much better.

Working with less room? Check out some of our other top picks for kitchen and dining tables for smaller spaces.