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The Best Hangover Cures to Try Now

The next time you overindulge, try one of these simple hangover cures to get you feeling better fast.

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Tired and sad woman is sitting in the window seat with a cup in her hand. Depression conceptPhoto: Shutterstock/Maram
Photo: Shutterstock/Maram

There’s nothing like the morning after having a bit too much to drink. When you wake up with a pounding head and a sour stomach after a night of classic cocktails, you want a way to get better—fast. That’s why you need these seven simple, reliable, at-home hangover cures that will have you feeling better in no time.

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Young woman drinking waterShutterstock / sebra
Photo: Shutterstock / sebra


Excess alcohol consumption is known for dehydrating the body—even more so when you’re vomiting because of a hangover. You can combat the dryness, dizziness and headaches often associated with dehydration by drinking plenty of water. If plain water doesn’t sound appetizing, try infused water instead. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol and other natural diuretics, and load up on water and fresh fruit instead.

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Organic Ginger Ale Soda in a Glass with Lemon and LimePhoto: Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker
Photo: Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Ginger Ale

When your stomach’s upset and you’re feeling sick, a glass of something fizzy—such as seltzer water or soda—may sometimes help. Ginger ale is an especially good choice, as ginger is an ingredient well-known for settling queasy stomachs. Try this refreshing sparkling ginger lemonade. It also contains honey, which is thought to alleviate hangovers, too.

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Raw Organic Bunch of Bananas Ready to EatBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker


If your hangover has you feeling shaky or sore, your body may be lacking potassium. Fix this by reaching for a banana, a fruit high in potassium and easy to digest. You could also throw that banana in the blender to make a simple smoothie. For inspiration, check out this banana smoothie recipe made with just four ingredients.

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Granola in a bowl topped with yogurt and different berriesPhoto: Shutterstock / ASIFE
Photo: Shutterstock / ASIFE

A Healthy Breakfast

The morning after a hard night, sometimes the best way to settle your stomach is to eat a simple, healthy meal that’s easy to digest. Foods that won’t create a lot of acid in your stomach may help ease nausea and vomiting. For inspiration, check out these hangover-busting breakfast sandwiches.

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Photo: ID-Art / Shutterstock
Photo: ID-Art / Shutterstock


Rich in antioxidants, honey is more than a way to sweeten a cup of tea or add flavor to a smoothie. Because it’s made of fructose, it can actually help your body rid itself of the effects of alcohol, too, according to The Telegraph. That’s because fructose helps the body break down alcohol and naturally expel it.

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Over the counter medication on black table with bottle and capPhoto: Shutterstock/Mike Flippo
Photo: Shutterstock/Mike Flippo


To alleviate a hangover headache, take Ibuprofen before heading to bed. The medicine may alleviate your pain and help you sleep, and the sleep will help your body heal. According to the Mayo Clinic, avoid aspirin, which can irritate your stomach, and the acetaminophen found in Tylenol, which, when paired with alcohol on a regular basis, can cause liver damage.

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Sports Energy Drinks On IcePhoto: Shutterstock/Chuck Wagner
Photo: Shutterstock/Chuck Wagner

Electrolyte Drinks

Sports drinks and coconut water offer all the hydrating power of water, along with the added energy-boosting benefits of electrolytes. Sip a low-sugar electrolyte drink after a hangover to hydrate in a way that also restores the body salts lost in a night of too much to drink.

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