Shoppers Say This $15 Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer Is Better Than a $150 Alternative

If you love coffee, then you'll LOVE the Mr. Coffee mug warmer. Here's why it's going viral on Amazon.

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We’re all about coffee products that let you be your own barista. After all, making your favorite type of coffee at home is a big budget saver! Among the most genius coffee ideas is the high-tech Ember mug, which promises to keep a cup of coffee at the perfect temperature for hours. But the $150 price tag is steep.

Luckily, shoppers have discovered a budget-friendly alternative—the Mr. Coffee mug warmer. Coffee enthusiasts can’t get over this genius kitchen gadget, and neither can we. The best part? It’s only 15 bucks!

What is the Mr. Coffee mug warmer?

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For remote workers, stay-at-home parents and anyone who likes to linger over a warm cup straight from the French press, the Mr. Coffee coffee warmer is a total game-changer for staying caffeinated. Here’s how it works: plug it into the wall, and leave it to rest just about anywhere you want to keep beverages warm—whether that’s on your desk for marathon Zoom calls or on the kitchen table while you meal prep. It works as a sort of mini-hot plate, keeping coffee and tea hot without multiple trips to the microwave to zap your mug.

Product Features

  • Made from black plastic
  • Weight: 0.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 5.2 x 8.6 inches
  • 17 watts of power
  • Wipe or spot clean—don’t place it in the dishwasher

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How to Use a Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

After brewing coffee with your best coffee maker, pour a cup of liquid gold into your favorite cute coffee mug and take it to the desired drinking spot. The Mr. Coffee mug warmer is designed to suit mugs of different shapes and sizes so there shouldn’t be much difficulty in sizing—but don’t use it with a travel mug. You’ll get the hottest results with flat-bottomed mugs, as the heating unit covers more surface area.

Place the warmer on a flat surface and plug in the power cord. The light indicator alerts you when it’s on and ready to use or turned off. With just those two steps, keep your favorite coffee shop drinks warm and delicious—it’s that simple.

Why is the Mr. Coffee mug warmer trending?

With remote work as the new normal, people are spending more time at their desks. Finding a way to keep their hot beverages warmer for longer is on the rise.

Unlike other mug warmers, the Mr. Coffee mug warmer keeps beverages at just the right temperature. Plus, the extended-length cord makes it easy to use when at a distance from an outlet.

It’s also extremely versatile. Yes, it’ll keep your coffee warm, but also tea, hot cocoa and matcha. (If you opt for cold brew, no judgment here.) Oh, and compared to its competitors, it’s nearly half the price.

The Best User Reviews

We’re not the only ones smitten with the Mr. Coffee mug warmer. Thousands of happy customers are quick to share how this product makes their mornings a little bit better.

“This is my third attempt at buying a mug warmer,” shares 5-star reviewer, L.W.Smith. “I started with the fancy-schmancy ones. One malfunctioned after a few days, the second never worked at all. So I went with a name I recognized. It has a switch to turn it on. Period. It keeps my tea at a reasonable warmth and when I’m done, I click it off. That’s it. No bells or whistles, just a product that does the job it’s designed for.”

“I use this thing for every hot drink I have. Does it look good? Absolutely not but it works great,” admits Amazon customer, Jeanna O’Brien. “Pro tip: buy a silicone mug cover to use as well and your coffee will literally steam until you turn it off.”

Verified purchaser, Andrea C. Gleason-Maresca, is pleased with the warmer’s longevity. “I’ve had mine for about five years now, and it still works excellently—have had no problems at all. Even the paint is still good!”

Where to Buy the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

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Ready to try it yourself? The Mr. Coffee mug warmer is available on Amazon, Walmart and Target where it retails for around $15. Warm coffee is always at the ready thanks to this genius product!

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