I Sent My Best Friend a Happy Box—and It’s the Perfect Gift for Anyone on Your List

Happy Box impressed Taste of Home's resident shopping expert—and her best friend-slash-fellow Taste of Home editor. Yes, you can mail happiness in a box!

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After two years of the pandemic—and the social caution and work-from-home shift that has come with it—many of us are missing the social interactions that formerly shaped our lives. Gone are impromptu happy hours, coffee outings and other daily sources of joy with friends and coworkers alike. Thankfully, that’s where Happy Box comes in.

Happy Box aims to deliver, well, happiness in a box. It allows users to virtually curate a gift box and send it directly to a recipient for a pick-me-up surprise that couldn’t be easier.

When offered the chance to try Happy Box, I knew exactly who I wanted to send my box to. Taste of Home’s Associate Editor Katie Bandurski has been a good friend of mine since college, where we were editors together on our college magazine. We became coworkers, too, when I joined Taste of Home in 2021.

Still, we haven’t actually seen each other in person since 2018 due to living in different states, never being in the same place at the same time and, of course, the pandemic. Happy Box was the perfect way to say hi to a friend from afar, while also celebrating our new status as coworkers.

What is Happy Box?

Happy Box is a care package you can send to friends, family, coworkers—just about anyone who could use a “just because” gift, near or far. It contains a selection of delightful gifts curated by the sender, plus an optional note inside, all packaged up in a stylish box. Everything is designed to bring peak happiness to the receiver.

The sender can also choose between a selection of pre-made boxes with themes like Galentine’s Day and coffee lovers. Shoppers also have the choice of purchasing Happy Box items individually without creating a box in The Shoppe.

How We Tested Happy Box

happy boxKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

I went through the typical experience a Happy Box customer would have when creating a box. I had a set budget to spend on the box, and chose items based on their price and how much I thought Katie would like them. When Katie received her box, she wrote her thoughts as well, which you’ll read below.

The sender starts by choosing between pre-made boxes or a build-your-own box. Building your own box, which is what I chose, starts with picking a box design. With 10 stylish packages to choose from, you can easily find one your recipient will love.

Then, the sender is led to a page with over 150 gift options to fill the box with. Thoughtful choices include candles, stickers, snacks, eye masks, drinkware and even clothing. There are even a few cool-person-approved Baggu bags included in the selection.

Each item has a price tag, which means the sender can fill the box with precisely the products that fit their budget. There’s a size limit to the box, so you can only load it up with so many items before the box fills. A larger item like a candle might result in fewer gifts, whereas slim sheet masks take up less space and mean more gifts.

When putting together Katie’s Happy Box, it was difficult to choose between the huge selection of items. These aren’t your typical generic, predictable gift boxes—each item truly is cute and creative. When I saw a pair of beer-themed socks housed in a faux lager can, they immediately screamed “Katie” and reminded me of the drinks we shared together in college. Since she’s now a coworker, I made sure to include a tube of de-stressing eucalyptus hand lotion and some tea and lavender honey for her mid-day break.

Once each item is chosen, the sender has the option to include a personalized card for a few additional dollars. The note will be hand-written by the Happy Box team for an extra thoughtful touch. Or, you can choose a virtual message in the form of a digital card, voice message or video sent via a QR code slipped into the box.

After building the box, you’ll fill out the recipient’s address and your payment information, and the box is sent on its way. The sender receives the tracking information, so the gift can remain a surprise until it arrives.

Unboxing the Happy Box

Katie, the Happy Box receiver, says: “There’s no denying it—Happy Box lives up to its name. When the bright pink package showed up on a cold and dreary Wisconsin day, my mood instantly lifted. I was excited to see what was inside—and who had sent it to me!

After cracking open the box, my first impression was awe. There were a lot of goodies tucked inside a small package. Megan had thought of everything I could possibly need for a day of at-home self-care. Plus, it was easy to tell that all of the goodies were high-quality, many with recognizable name brands.

My favorite part was easily the handwritten card, though. It was the cherry on top of an already thoughtful gift, and it gave the box a personal touch.”

Happy Box Features

happy box contentsKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

  • 13 pre-curated boxes with high quality and creative gifts
  • Build-your-own box option to make it more personalized
  • Boxes start at $6
  • Over 150 super fun gift items available
  • Name-brand items available
  • Option to add a handwritten or virtual card
  • Woman-owned business


What we liked about Happy Box

  • Very easy to curate boxes
  • High-quality items
  • Can be as pricey or inexpensive as you’d like
  • Multiple themed boxes for easy gifting
  • Fun for the gifter and the recipient
  • Ability to purchase items directly from Happy Box, no box creation necessary


What to consider about Happy Box

  • Shipping can be expensive
  • Size of boxes limits the number and variety of items you can choose

How much does it cost?

Pre-made Happy Box care packages cost anywhere from $25 to $68. Build-it-yourself boxes start at $6 and increase from there depending on the items you choose. Items range from $1 to $48, so the total cost depends on your budget and how many items can fit in the box. Handwritten cards cost $5, while virtual notes cost just $2. There’s a hand-packing fee of $2 at checkout, and standard 7 to 9 day shipping comes in at $10, though faster shipping options are also available at higher prices.

What Other Reviewers Had To Say

“I ordered my first Happy Box for my Mom’s birthday, and she LOVED it!” writes Nicole. “I filled it with things I know she loves, and she was so surprised! The handwritten card made it absolutely perfect!”

Julie T. writes: “I ordered a box as a spontaneous present for a friend, and she absolutely loved it! Really fast processing and delivery time, high-quality gifts and the personal touches are so sweet. Would definitely buy again!!”

Anna D. became a fan of Happy Box when she received her own box. “I received a Happy Box from a friend and loved it so much. I have since sent happy boxes to friends and even my brother,” Anna writes. “It is so nice that you can decide what to add for the person you are sending to instead of a generic gift box.”

Product Comparison

Compared to generic care packages you can buy elsewhere, Happy Box is unique in its customization and the name-brand quality of its products. Its handwritten cards are an extra-special touch, too. And unlike a subscription box, Happy Box is a one-time purchase.

Final Verdict

Megan, the giver, says: As the Happy Box sender, I would absolutely send a Happy Box again. I had fun choosing the items I knew Katie would love, and I was impressed by the sheer variety of gifts available. I like that you can stick to your own budget, and individually picking items makes the box feel less one-size-fits-all. Themed boxes are a fun option, too, for when you’re short on time or want to curate a box for a birthday or bridesmaid gift. I’d love to receive one someday!

Katie, the giftee, says: This is my new go-to gift for far-away friends and family members! I loved that each item was tailored to my tastes and hand-picked by Megan. Happy Box felt much more personal than many other pre-packed gift boxes. And the fact that it’s a women-owned company that gives back to the community? That’s pretty cool, too.

Where To Buy Happy Box

Happy Boxvia merchant

Happy Boxes are available directly from Happy Box’s website, where you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to over $100 for a gift box. Who can put a price on making a loved one smile?

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