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Getting My Family Summer Ready Has Never Been Easier with Walmart’s Express Delivery Service

There’s nothing I love more than weekend getaways and impromptu family BBQs during the summer, but I have to admit something: I don’t love doing the grocery shopping beforehand.  

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When my family is busy gearing up for a few days at the beach house, so much needs to get done—packing clothes and toiletries, cleaning off beach chairs, taking the dog to boarding—that I barely have time to drive to the store, never mind pack up several days’ worth of food in the car. Even if we’re just having a backyard cookout at home, I still have to clean the house, set up for the party and cook, which puts me in a time crunch if I have to do grocery shopping too.

Given the busy nature of my summer schedule, I can’t explain to you how excited I was to learn about Walmart’s Express delivery service. Not only do Walmart associates do the shopping for you, but they deliver it to your door in less than two hours, making it fast and convenient. I may never go grocery shopping again!

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Whether I’m gearing up for a cookout and realize there are no hamburger buns or just want groceries and toiletries delivered to our vacation home, Walmart Express delivery is my move. All I have to do is shop through the Walmart website, adding whatever I need to my cart. It’s easy to search for all types of groceries, including fresh produce, meat and seafood (a.k.a. everything I need for a successful BBQ), and products are the same price as in-store, so I don’t have to worry about markups running up the bill.

As if groceries on demand isn’t convenient enough, Walmart Express delivery can be used on practically everything in the store—you name it, they’ve got it. It’s unbelievably handy when we need a pack of batteries at the vacation rental, are running low on charcoal for the grill, or just want a new board game to break out after family dinner.

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After I have everything in my cart, it’s as easy as selecting Express delivery at checkout. There’s no minimum order, which is amazing for those times I only need a few items, and Express delivery only costs an additional $10. Once the purchase is complete, I’m able to track the progress of my order through the Walmart app, and before I know it, a set of bags is waiting on my front porch. It’s almost like magic!

Express delivery has quickly become my go-to both at home and on vacation, as the service is available from more than 3,000 stores throughout the country. It’s a convenient and affordable option for all my last-minute summertime needs (which are plentiful), and truthfully, I can’t imagine being able to get everything done without it.

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  • Elizabeth Heath