People Are Buzzing About a New Less-Processed Sugar on the Market. Here’s the Scoop.

Domino just launched a new type of sugar. Introducing Golden Sugar.

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There are many types of sugar out there: granulated, brown, confectioners’, turbinado. And now, there’s one more. Domino recently launched an entirely new type of sugar called Golden Sugar. It’s less processed but still full of the good stuff. Here’s what you need to know.

A Less-Processed Sugar

Domino Golden Sugar is a less-processed form of granulated sugar. What does that mean? Well, normally white sugar undergoes a full color removal to cut all traces of molasses, which naturally occurs in sugar cane. In this case, however, not all of the molasses is removed. What’s left is sugar that retains a hint of molasses, which gives it a nice golden hue.

Is Golden Sugar Healthier Than White Sugar?

Golden Sugar has the same amount of calories as white sugar (15 calories per teaspoon), so it’s not any healthier. You can’t make a healthier sugar cane, but you can make the resulting product less processed. The folks at Domino realized people are looking for cleaner, more natural and less-processed foods, so they stepped up to the plate to meet that need.

How Do I Use Domino Golden Sugar?

You can use Golden Sugar just like you would granulated sugar, so go ahead and bake with it and even add it to your coffee. And lucky for us bakers, it can be used cup for cup in place of granulated sugar, so no need to recalculate Grandma’s beloved cookie recipes.

I used Golden Sugar in these pumpkin spice cupcakes and a few quick breads, and they all turned out great. The golden color didn’t make a noticeable difference in appearance, nor did the molasses make a noticeable difference in the taste. I’m almost done with my first bag, and I know I’ll be buying another when I’m through.

Where Can I Buy It?

Currently, Domino Golden Sugar is only available in grocery stores on the East Coast. But it is available everywhere on Amazon. Purchase a 1.75-pound bag for $10.

Emily Racette Parulski
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