Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook—New Family Classics Collection

Feed your family healthy, hearty delicious food they'll actually WANT to eat—and still lose weight

Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook New Family Classics Collection

Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook New Family Classics Collection

416 recipes, 357 full-color photos
$17.95 (320 pages paperback w/flaps)
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Greendale, WI (January 2011)—The only thing worse than eating a plate of tasteless diet friendly fare while your family devours the dishes you actually want to eat is serving your whole family a bland diet dinner that no one actually wants to eat—including you. If only the bubbling casseroles, juicy burgers, rich chocolate cupcakes, and all the hearty comfort foods you crave could feed the family and be good for you.... But the words "comfort food" and "diet" and "family" can't actually work together, can they? Thanks to The Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook: New Family Classics Collection, they absolutely can. The follow up to last year's bestselling Comfort Food Diet Cookbook, the all-new cookbook offers 416 recipes that allow you to feed your family the foods they love and not deprive yourself in the process. Your family—including you—won't even realize it's a healthier choice; they'll be too busy enjoying the meal!

And by comfort food, Taste of Home means it: Brisket and Meat Loaf? Sure! Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagnas, and Mac 'n' Cheese? You betcha! Every recipe in the book is a comforting, family-friendly dish with a light spin offered as part of an overall healthy living weight-loss strategy. You'll find new classics like Busy Mom's Chicken Fajitas (page 191: 1 fajita, 347 calories), Buffalo Chicken Burgers with Tangy Slaw (pg 199: 1 burger, 312 calories), and Loaded Mexican Pizza (pg 220: 1 slice, 297 calories) as well as made-over family favorites like Jambalaya (pg 176: 1 cup, 228 calories), Chili Mac Casserole (pg 228: 1 cup, 358 calories) and Beef Barbecue (pg 231: 3oz, 414 calories)—every one lower in calories and fat but not in taste. And because every recipe comes from Taste of Home, the world's largest cooking magazine—you know it will taste great and is guaranteed to work every time.

The Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook: New Family Classics Collection is about realistic portions combined with exceptional taste to put pleasure back in healthy eating without sacrificing quality or satisfaction. Three complete meals and two snacks for a total of 1400 calories and combined with common sense advice like watch your portion sizes and exercise. Every recipe lists nutrition facts including calorie counts and diabetic exchanges when appropriate. And to inspire and show how the diet part really works, there are testimonials and photos from actual Comfort Food Diet dieters.

Simply put, losing weight has never been easier or tastier. The Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook: New Family Classics Collection is not about what families can't eat and have to give up but what they can and want to eat all day long. It covers every part of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus side dishes, snacks, beverages, and of course, desserts like Chocolate Pudding Sandwiches, Mini Apple Strudels, Makeover Toffee Crunch Dessert, and Ice Cream Sandwiches. And the six-week meal plan for success takes planning off your shoulders and counts up calories for you. There are notes on exercise, tips on dining out, and even a "buy this...instead of that" section to help readers make nutritious selections at the grocery store (like comparing chips and salsa to potato chips and dip or tub margarine to stick margarine). All that PLUS a free subscription to Healthy Cooking magazine.

Speaking for the team of dietitians, home economists, and editors, who tested and vetted every recipe for flavor and nutritional content, Taste of Home's Food Director Diane Werner, RD, said: "So many of our readers lost 15 to 20 pounds and much more with our sensible, affordable, and delicious approach to eating right and losing weight. Our goal in this volume was to build on the overwhelming success of the first Comfort Food Diet Cookbook. Now we want to get whole families enjoying the foods they love without all of the calories and fat they normally contain— delicious foods that are fit and fit your family and satisfy."

Whether you need to manage your weight, manage your health, or just want to feel and look your best without giving up the foods you and your gang love to eat, The Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook: New Family Classics Collection has all the tools you need to succeed.

In addition to a completely updated, dedicated, and exclusive web site with more recipes and tools to help you shed pounds and count calories (, readers are also welcome to enhance their Comfort Food Diet experience by finding motivation, guidance and becoming part of a community with a common goal on the free Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet forum. The Forum will feature posts from dieters and the Comfort Food Diet registered dietitians who will help answer questions, post hints and share tips to help members meet their weight loss goals. Members can work with each other to post recipes and tips, discuss the challenges that they face, offer encouragement to other members of the forum and more:


Catherine M. Cassidy is Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of the Taste of Home Media Group and the main face of Taste of Home on TV, deftly demonstrating recipes from the magazines and cookbooks, including appearances on "Good Morning America, "The Early Show," and QVC. In her role as editor-in-chief, Catherine oversees the creation of all branded media, including Taste of Home and Taste of Home spin-off magazines Simple & Delicious and Healthy Cooking,, special interest publications, and cookbooks (including the best-selling Taste of Home Cookbook) She also oversees the Taste of Home Cooking Schools, which attract hundreds of thousands to live shows at locations nationwide.

Diane Werner, RD is the Food Director for Taste of Home, overseeing the recipes, providing feedback for the testing staff, aiding in the development of nutritional information, offering insight into the creative design of the magazine and its digital media elements, and creating and judging national recipe contests. Diane has also traveled the country promoting Taste of Home, appearing regularly on TV in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis and even nationally on "Good Morning America" and QVC.

Peggy Woodward, RD, is the Food Editor of Taste of Home Healthy Cooking magazine and the author of "Ask Peggy", an in-magazine and online food and nutrition column. As a registered dietitian with Taste of Home for more than a decade, she has contributed to a number of special-diet related publications. Peggy has a degree in dietetics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She lives with her husband and son in rural Wisconsin and enjoys food the most when she's grown it in her home garden, making the connection from the field to the table.

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