Caramelizing Sugar

In a heavy saucepan or skillet, melt sugar over medium-heat, about 10 minutes. Do not stir. When sugar is melted, reduce heat to low. Cook for about 5 minutes or until syrup is golden, stirring…

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Carmalizing Sugar

Spread sugar over bottom of a heavy skillet, preferably one that is not cast iron or one without a nonstick interior. It is easier to seethe color change in a stainless steel skillet.


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Carving a Half Ham with Bone

Place ham fat side up on a carving board. Using a meat fork to anchor the ham, make a horizontal cut with a carving knife from the one side of the ham to the bone. Position the cut in about the…

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Carving a Leg of Lamb

Cut a few 1/4-in. slices on the thin side of the leg and remove to a platter. Turn roast over so it rests on the cut surface.

Hold roast steady by using paper towels around bone with one…

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Carving a Rib Roast

Place roast with rib bones to one side of a cutting board to serve the roast with the rib bone attached. Hold the meat steady with a meat fork. Using a carving knife, cut between the bones,…

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Carving Chuck Roasts

To carve arm or blade chuck roasts, first separate the individual muscles by cutting around each muscle and bone.

Carve each muscle across the grain of the meat to desired thickness.

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Carving Ham

The butt half of a ham is very meaty, but can sometimes be a challenge to care since part of the bone is buried within the meat. Here are some tips that will have yuo carving like a pro. 1.…

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Carving Standing Rib Roasts

To carve a standing rib roast, place meat on a cutting board with large side down and rib bones to one side. Make about a 1- to 2-in. cut along the curve of the bone to separate meat from…

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Carving Turkey

Remove the Legs. Slice through the skin between the leg and body using a large carving knife. Pull leg outward with a serving fork and cut through the hip joint, removing the entire leg from the…

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Cedar Plank Pointers

You can purchase packages of grill-ready cedar, maple, and cherry or apple wood planks at grocery, hardware, specialty and kitchen stores. Another option is to buy untreated planks at a lumberyard…

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