"Painting" Candle Holders

Holding the candle holder on the inside, apply corn syrup with a pastry brush to the outside, using random brushstrokes. To achieve the icy look, let the strokes of the brush show...don't try to…

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A Lovely Leaf-Topped Lattice Pie

Lightly brush lattice with beaten egg; overlap leaf cutouts on top.

Brush pie edge with beaten egg. Place leaf cutouts lengthwise along edge, overlapping slightly. Lightly press cutouts onto…

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Angel cake ball pops

dipping ball instructions to follow

draw face instructions to follow

insert stick instructions to follow

add head to body instructions to follow

draw hair instructions to…

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Anniversary Table

For how-to text see HCA_2008, p.191.

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Apple Peel Swirls

Starting at the top of the apple, peel of the skin with a citrus zester. Work around the apple in a circular pattern. Place the peels in ice water and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. (when…

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Apple-Pear Studel

Place one sheet of phyllo dough on a work surface

Spoon apple mixture lengthwise over phyllo within 2 in. of a long side

Place seam side down in a parchment paper-lined 15-in. x 10-in.…

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Assembling the Anniversary Cake Topper

Place cake topper pattern under a sheet of waxed paper; tape both to work surface. Pipe icing along outside and inside edges of the design; let dry.

Thin remaining icing with water. Pipe…

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Assembling the Nutcracker

Gather the craft materials needed for the Nutcracker Cake and cake stand, including (shown at right) nine wood dowel pieces, one round wood plaque, one rectangular wood plaque, two cardboard…

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Avoiding Fudge Foils

The recipes in this cookbook often instruct you to butter the foil in you pan before pouring in the fudge mixture. That way, when the fudge is cooled, you can easily lift the foil and fudge out…

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bagel basics

1. Shape dough into balls. Push your thumb through the center of the dough, forming a 1-in. hole. 2. Stretch and shape dough to form an even ring.

After bagels have boiled, remove them…

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