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Family Traditions

Family Fondue Traditions

At my family's fondue parties, we have a tradition that if the meat falls off your fork and into the pot, you must kiss the person to your right! —Margaret Inman, Fort Pierce, Florida

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Family Fourth of July Traditions

ON JULY FOURTH, my husband and I invite our four boys and their families home for a big barbecue featuring grilled chicken, fresh watermelon and a variety of picnic foods. After a day of yard…

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Family Thanksgiving Tradition

I USE a king-size quilt as my Thanksgiving tablecloth. During dinner, each person shares something for which they're thankful, then lights the votive candle at their place setting. Before long,…

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Family Thanksgiving Traditions

The night before Thanksgiving, our church holds a pie fest, where those attending are asked to bring a presliced pie to share. After the service, we head to the hall and find tables laden with…

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Family Tradition

INSTEAD of sending letters to Santa, I burned them in our furnace! Dad said Santa's helpers, called "Brownies", waited at the top of the chimney, where they caught the smoke and took it to the…

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Family Wedding Traditions

INSTEAD of making a "bouquet" from ribbons and bows at the bridal shower, our family gives the guest of honor a nosegay of silk flowers with silver dollars (minted in the year of the wedding) tied…

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German Christmas Tree Tradition

According to German tradition, children would eagerly head to the tree on Christmas morning to search for the pickle ornament that their parents hid in the green boughs the night before. The…

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Getting Your Family To Eat Together

Think outside the table. Spread out a picnic blanket in the living room for an impromptu indoor adventure.

Food Fight! Challenge your family to a mashed potato cook-off. You can wear…

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Gift of Time

Instead of buying each other Christmas presents, my youngest sister and I give the gift of time. We set aside one day to bake cookies—gingerbread men and other family favorites. Spending the…

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Holiday Baking Traditions

I work full-time, and nothing relaxes me more than heading to the kitchen after a hectic day. So early in December every year, I take off of work for a week so I can do my holiday baking. I keep…

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