Slow Cooker Keeps Chicken Warm

When serving chicken wings and drumsticks on a buffet table, keep them in a covered slow cooker on low. The chicken will stay warm and moist for your dinner guests. —Alan Robertson,…

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Starting a Time Capsule for the Baby

Looking for a fun tradition to begin at a baby shower? Help the parents start a "time capsule" of the baby's first year of life.

Select a durable container that will last for years, such as…

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Story of the Sedar Plate

DURING the Seder, the story of the Exodus is reenacted using a special Seder Plate. It contains the following key elements of Passover:

Betzah (a roasted or boiled egg), commemorating…

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Sugared Fruit Centerpiece

A stunning Sugared Fruit Centerpiece is guaranteed if you review these helpful hints before beginning.

You can sugar whole pieces of fruit as well as cut pieces. For cut pieces, it's best to…

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Surprise Party Invitation

Keep your favorite teen guessing about her very own Sweet 16 event by making it a surprise party. When you pen the invitations, remember to tell guests not to spill the beans about the bash. For…

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Table Settings for a Crowd

Preparing casual, make-ahead foods for a holiday buffet certainly makes entertaining easier on the cook. But serving a large group can pose another problem when you realize you don't have enough…

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Teapot Poinsettia

When hosting a dinner or brunch during the holidays, don’t just set a potted poinsettia on your table for a centerpiece. Instead play upon the hospitality theme by using a teapot or coffeepot as a…

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